Should I keep my cats belongings separate?

Kitten with toy

Should I keep my cats belongings separate?

Important considerations for your cats


Although cats are commonly seen as independent and rather low maintenance unlike their slightly needier opposite (yes, dogs that’s aimed at you!), cats in their own way, need just as much consideration and thought to go into their practical care as dogs, albeit in rather different ways! 🐈🐾


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Litter Trays

Cats are very hygienic animals and appreciate a clean, regularly maintained litter tray. If you have a trained, indoor cat using a litter tray, there are some important considerations that can impact your cat’s overall wellbeing and happiness, especially if there are multiple cats in the household. If you have multiple cats, each cat should have their own litter tray, and these should not be situated close to each other. Its recommended to keep you cats litter trays in separate rooms if possible and separated from their beds, food and water bowls.

It’s also advised to remove any urination or faeces from their tray as soon as it’s spotted and ensure it's cleaned and the cat litter is replaced regularly. Cats don’t like to smell waste in their tray and don’t like to use a tray that is heavily soiled.


Food and Water Bowls

Naturally, we assume that our cats would like for their food and water bowls to be together but this is not always the case. It’s been shown that this might not be the most natural or appropriate way to cater for our cat’s food and water requirements, and is not the arrangement that our cats would select out of choice. Offering a reasonable distance between your cats water and food bowl may be preferred and will also to avoid the risk of contamination of food dropping into their water bowl. Not all cats will find their bowls being close together and issue but if your cat is showing signs of being unsettled with their arrangement, this could be a reason. We also advise keeping your food and water bowls away from your litter trays, ideally in a separate room.



Cats like to have a number of beds or sleeping spots situated around the house, usually situated in quiet, comfy locations where they can be alone and undisturbed. Cats also enjoy being high up, therefore a cat climbing frame with a sleeping perch at the top is a great option for your cat. Try not to excessively wash their bedding, cats leave their scent and pheromones on their bedding for a reason and like their things to smell the same as they do.

Similar water and food bowls, it’s recommended to keep bedding completely separate from their litter trays, and sometimes their bowls too. If your cat is rejecting any of these items, ensure they’re distanced from each other.


Who said cats are low maintenance?! 🐾

Veterinary Nurse, Sharna Beveridge & Barking Heads


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