Our Ingredients

Discover our tailored and tasty wellness recipes

We take pride in every single ingredient that we put into our pet food. All of our recipes are high in ethically sourced, freshly prepared meat ingredients, are clean, made with natural ingredients and contain absolutely no fillers or nasties whatsoever. That’s a promise.

So, What’s in our Recipes?


Added to our age specific meals, to help young & older dogs who need a boost

High Quality Fibre

For digestion and intestinal health plus easier to pick up poops.

Ethical, Premium Protein

We source fresh, lean, digestible meats from the best available ingredients.

Slow Release Carbs

Important for a calm and happy dog who stays fuller for longer, with sustained energy.

Omega 3 & 6 Oils

For energy and essential nourishment, maintaining better skin health with less itching & shedding!

Balanced Vitamins 
& Minerals

Essential for regulating body processes & joint health.

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