Bailey's Bonus Scheme

Introducing our new loyalty program - Bailey's Bonus Scheme!

We want to make sure reward our most loyal customers so sign up today to start earning points you can cash turn into discounts at checkout. Plus, get your hands on early access to newly released products, discount codes when you refer friends and exclusive content. Come on in and start earning today!

Ways to Earn Points

There are loads of great ways to earn points!

Compare the tiers

As you spend more money on the Barking Heads store, you'll move up the tiers from being a preffered member all the way up to being a premier member. The higher the tier, the better the rewards!

Join our Loyalty Programme and Start Earning Points with us Today

It's quick and easy to join Bailey's Bonus Scheme, you just need to create an account and you'll start earning points every time you make a purchase on our site.
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