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We're proud to make foods filled with high quality meat with no fillers and no nasties

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When you’ve got dogs, you "get" dogs - we know how much you care!

Our promise to you
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We promise to stand out from the crowd by producing the food your pet deserves

Barking heads ingredients

Only the best ingredients go into all of our meals. Let's take a look at Bowl Lickin' Chicken:

  • Lots of Tasty Chicken (up to 55%)
  • Garden Veggies & Fruit
  • Healthy Oils
  • Vitamins & Minerals
  • Tasty Herbs
  • Seasoning
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Typical grocery brand

Most dog food brands use fillers and fats to add substance, and nasty additives for flavour.

  • Cereals (lots!)
  • Animal 'derivatives'
  • 4% Chicken
  • Vegetable 'by products'
  • Unhealthy Oils & Fats
  • Artificial Flavours & Additives
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Barking heads vs typical grocery brands

Most dog food brands use fillers and fats to add substance, and nasty additives for flavour.

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The welcome to the pack, pack

The welcome to the pack, pack

Regular price £12.32 £9.99

Designed for new customers - our welcome pack contains wet & dry food, plus a few treats to give your dog the full Barking Heads treatment!

As an added bonus use code 'TRYME' to get FREE DELIVERY on your first purchase.

Meet our dog obsessed team

Introducing some of our team and their best friends, plus discover the Barking Heads products that they love!

Maria & Roxy

Maria is in our finance team, she's mum to our newest office recruit, Roxy, who at three months old, naturally loves Puppy Days.

Roxy Loves

Claire & Freddie

Claire is in our marketing team and Freddie is our 4 year old Cockapoo, he's full of energy with a coat to die for! His favourite flavour is Chop Lickin' Lamb.

Freddie Loves

Cheryl & Winter

Cheryl is in our finance team and is regularly assisted by her two year old Husky, Winter. Doggylicious Duck is Winter's dinner of choice as she's allergic to grain!

Winter Loves

Julia & Monty

Julia is our marketing director and Monty, her 6 year old Cockapoo won't let her go to work without him! When he's not looking out for Julia, he loves Pooched Salmon!

Monty Loves

Dave & Daisy

Meet Dave, one of our founders and Daisy, our 2 year old Westie, she loves our Beefy Bites after a hard day the office!

Daisy Loves

Rachel & Hector

Rachel is our sales director and is ably assisted by Hector, her 2 year old Fox Red Labrador. Hector's Barking Head's recomendation is Bowl Lickin' Chicken pouches!

Hector Loves

Louise & George

Louise looks after our independent retailers as well as George, who at 17, is our oldest office dog. Even though he can't see it very well, the smell of Barking Heads Golden Years still pricks his nose!

George Loves

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