Who are barking heads?

We’re a small team of passionate pet owners. We’re potty about our pooches – and because we’ve got dogs, we get dogs.

We understand the joy and laughter they bring into our lives – whether it’s them taking over the whole bed or dribbling lovingly on your knee – and we make sure they get the food they deserve.

The barking heads difference

Clean & natural doggie dinners

We’re proud to make foods filled with high quality, natural ingredients

High in quality meat & veggies

We use the best, natural, meat from free run animals in our recipes

No fillers or nasty ingredients

All of our recipes are free from additives and artificial flavours

The barking heads promise

Tail waggingly tasty

Our team of in-house taste testers rigorously test every single recipe to make sure they are the very best they can be.

Top Notch ingredients

We pack each doggie dinner with lots of quality meat and fresh veggies so your pup gets a meal packed with goodness. Because we love dogs just like you do.

Vitamins & Minerals

Whether you’re fighting for sofa space with a sprightly puppy, or an elderly senior we add extra vitamins to our complete dog food to make sure that pooch gets the best nutritional benefits from every mouthful.

Find out more about our ingredients & Recipes

Unlike other dog food brands we only use the best, natural ingredients in our dog food recipes - click below to find out what really sets us apart.

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