Your cat can spend anywhere between 16 - 20 hours a day sleeping. With cat napping being their number one pastime, it really is essential to create the purr-fect sleeping environment for your cat at home.

You may not think your feline is all that fussy when choosing where to get some shut eye, but they do have some particular likes and dislikes about where they sleep.

So, how can you make sure you tick off all the likes, avoid the dislikes, and help kitty get a sound night’s (or day’s) sleep? We guide you through some of the most important considerations for their snoozetime happiness, in honour of National Bed Month.

Familiar scents

Independent as they are, cats crave a strong familiar smell when they want to curl up for a nap; it helps them feel safe and secure.

Giving them their own bed is a must. Even if they choose not to use it, they should always have the option to sleep in a bed that is theirs alone, with a scent that’s a mix of them and you. You may need to leave a piece of worn clothing in there for a little while, to give it that familiar smell! 

Strictly sleeping

No one wants to sleep in the same place as they eat or go to the toilet - your cats included! Make sure their food, water and litter tray are kept separately to their bed - ideally in a separate room - for a comfortable sleep.

A quiet space

Another way our cats are similar to us humans when it comes to sleep is the need for peace and quiet. Leave their bed in a place where they’re least likely to be disturbed, not in hallways or where your other pets sleep. A quiet corner in your kitchen, spare bedroom or home office all make great spots.

High up hiding places

Did you know cats often seek out high places, so they can see everything that’s going on around them? Because of this, try to create a few spaces where they can climb up and chill out.

Pop a cushion in your window seat space where they can rest while keeping an eye on what’s happening outside and inside, or keep a high shelf or top of a cupboard clear for them to escape to.  

Sun-soaked napping spots

Most of our cats are serial sunbathers, and they always manage to find the best places in the house for catching some rays while they sleep. If you have noticed they have a favourite sunny space in the house, why not put another bed or cushion here, so they can enjoy some extra cosiness along with the warmth?

grey kitten sleeping by the window

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