Introducing Dog Behaviourist Adem Fehmi

Meet our dog behaviour specialist Adem Fehmi

adem fehmi dog behaviourist
At Barking Heads, we know how important it is to give our pets the best start in life possible, so we welcomed Dog Behaviourist and Trainer Adem Fehmi to the team! Adem will be on hand to provide lots of tips and tricks on how best to train your pup or overcome any behavioural issues they may have. Look out for blogs from Adem on our website with everything you need to know about your furry friend.

A little bit about Adem:

Adem got his first dog at age 9, after working tirelessly to raise the money himself by washing cars and running errands in his local neighbourhood. He learned that owning a dog isn’t always easy, and that it’s important to develop communication between human and dog to understand each other.

As a teenager Adem set about learning everything he could about his canine best friend, attending local dog training classes as well as working in a local kennels with all shapes, sizes, breeds and temperament of dog. During his time at the kennels, he learnt to communicate effectively and clearly with the many breeds as well as learnt how to work with any behavioural issues that the dogs came in with.

Since then, Adem has spent over 15 years working with dog owners in order to help them to fully understand their doggy best friends and, when necessary, overcome any training or behavioural issues they might be experiencing. Adem’s aim is to help as many people as possible to enjoy their dogs and, consequently, as many dogs to enjoy their humans!

We'll be sharing content from Adem regularly, but check out some of these great tips: Staycation Tips, Managing Separation Anxiety and How to Travel Safely in the Car

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