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If there are two things that are universally loved by almost all doggies, it's running around like a mad and chowing down on tasty grub. Usually those two activities balance each other out, but occasionally life gets in the way and the balance can tip the scales... literally.

Overweight Dogs

As a pet parent, you might feel confused and guilty if your furry friend has gained weight. It’s natural to want to feel in control of your pet’s health, and we worry that we’ve let them down if they’re not at their best. Denying your dog one of their greatest loves in life (eating) can feel like torture for you both, and doesn’t for a friendly mealtime make. From advancing age to seasonal changes in activity, all sorts of factors can contribute to a little bit of weight gain, and it’s something us humans can relate to too!
But that’s not to say that obesity in animals shouldn’t be taken seriously — it’s just as dangerous for dogs (and cats!) as it is for us two-legged folk. Being overweight can ruin an animal’s quality of life, lead to uncomfortable or even painful health issues, and at its worst be fatal. Weight gain in dogs is also a sneaky thing that can happen gradually over time without you noticing. That’s one reason why it’s important to schedule regular check-ups with your vet to keep on top of their changing health, inside and out. Your vet is also a much more reliable source for figuring out how much and what you should be feeding your dog, rather than the products on supermarket shelves and feeding guides that go by breed, as they don’t take into account that no two doggy lives are the same.

Why and how to dogs gain weight?

There are many things that can lead to your dog gaining weight. Here are just a few:

Lifestyle: Stress, surroundings, or just plain old change in day-to-day life can lead to weight gain in even the healthiest of dogs. You might not even see it coming, but keeping them active and eating a healthy, natural dog food can help avoid weight gain in dogs.

Age: It happens to the best of us! Senior dogs are less active, so owners need to take extra care to avoid weight gain and obesity in older dogs. Adapt your dog’s diet and lifestyle as they become older to keep them fighting fit.

Injury and illness: From a punctured paw to a week wearing the cone of shame, feeling under the weather can lead to weight gain in dogs. Plus, it’s especially important to feed them nutritious, healthy food while they’re on the mend.

Seasonal: Some people think they need to feed their dog more in the winter to compensate for colder weather, but this is a myth. Just like you, your dog is probably a little less active in the winter compared to the summer, so feeding shouldn’t be increased.

What should I be feeding my dog and how can I help them lose weight?

Many commercial dog food brands contain all sorts of junk, chemicals and by-products that can lead to weight gain among other issues, as they don’t offer adequate nutrition for your pooch. It’s the canine equivalent of living off processed snacks and junk food — a diet that wouldn’t leave you feeling too great inside or out... and it’s no different for animals.

Dogs are Facultative Carnivores, meaning that they can survive on a lower meat diet, but are at their best when they get lots of nutritious, protein-rich meat as the cornerstone of a nutritionally-balanced diet. If they’re overweight, the first step to a slimmer pet is to reduce the overall calorie content of their food and make sure they’re getting plenty of exercise. But simply reducing the amount of food in their bowl isn’t always the right solution… there is a better way!

Healthy dog food for weight loss

Fat Dog Slim is Barking Heads’ clever solution for reducing your dog’s calorie intake without them feeling cheated out of a full meal, which could lead to behavioural problems or the dreaded and irresistible “puppy dog eyes” treatment. Fat Dog Slim has been specially formulated for doggy weight loss, both in terms of ingredients and format. The delicious recipe is lower in fat but high in fibre and natural, high-quality ingredients combining chicken, trout and brown rice.

The kibble is designed to control portions without the bowl looking like it has less food in it than your dog is used to, so they’ll never Each piece of kibble has a hole in the middle, so the amount of food in the bowl looks the same to your dog… they’ll never know the difference, except that they’re feeling lighter, leaner and more energetic. It also contains L-Cartanine, an ingredient that helps chunky dogs burn fat faster, so when combined with exercise, they can get back to a healthy weight faster than you can say ‘breakfast’.

Portion Patrol

Dogs and teenagers share something in common: they’re a bottomless pit when it comes to food. From the first meal in the morning to the final treat of the evening, many dogs are constantly on the lookout for their next bite. Unlike us upright folk, they don’t have a clear idea of when they’ve had enough to eat, so it’s our responsibility to get their portions right. How much to feed your dog should always be measured by weight, and it varies depending on your pet’s body and lifestyle, so it’s always worth asking for your vet’s recommendation. We at Barking Heads have a handy weight-based feeding guide on the back of our dog food packs, and Fat Dog Slim is no different., except that its hollowed-out centres cleverly trick doggy brains into thinking they’ve got more food in the bowl than they actually do, so everyone leaves mealtimes feeling satisfied.

Exercise - Walkies and workouts

Just like humans who are trying to shift extra weight, getting enough exercise is key to healthy pound-shedding. Almost all dogs without serious injuries need to be walked daily - often twice or more - to expend all their natural energy in a healthy way. Eating appropriate portions of a healthy, nutritious dog food like Fat Dog Slim and ramping up the walkies - whether it’s a longer romp or a brisker one - will see your dog’s weight plummet and health sky-rocket in no time.

So… what’s the safest, healthiest and most natural grain-free dog food to help your four-legged friend lose weight?

Fat Dog Slim

Pet-approved kibble for dogs who are watching their weight

  • Kibble optimised for easy portion-control
  • 30% chicken and trout
  • Optimal levels of protein and controlled calories
  • High in fibre
  • Added L-Cartinine to aid fat-burning
  • Includes omega 3 and 6 for a healthy coat
  • OptimumEnhanced levels of chondroitin, glucosamine and MSM for joint support

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