Our Tasty & Tailored Wellness Range

Our new range is all about being even more tailored and even tastier, featuring 50% or more freshly prepared ingredients and garden veggies, along with active ingredients carefully customised to your dog's unique needs. We believe that every dog deserves food that truly cares for them – it's not just a meal, but a gesture of love!

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Our commitment to providing top-notch nutrition doesn’t stop there... The new range is high in ethically sourced, freshly prepared meat ingredients, and it's clean and natural with absolutely no fillers or nasties. But that's not all; we're also stepping up our eco-friendly game with recyclable packaging and carbon-negative cooking in our factory here in the UK (Yorkshire to be specific)!

Get ready to meet our tastier, more tailored, new & improved dry dog food range!

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From petite pups to majestic mutts, Barking Heads caters to every canine's cravings.

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We're jumping with excitement about our new tasty & tailored wellness range, and we hope you are too! But hey, we totally get it – change can bring up questions. That's why we've created a super-helpful FAQ page where we tackle the usual stuff, like how to find your all-time favourite product, which might have gotten a little makeover in our new range.