Subscription Pricing Changes September 2022

We've had to make some changes to our Subscribe & Save service

Starting from 23rd September 2022 we are making some significant changes to our subscription service. We have waited for as long as possible to make these changes, however the current economic climate means we have had to review pricing accross our business and we have two key changes for subscription customers, details can be found below.

What's Changing?

Subscription discount reduction to 15% for new customers
We are moving from offering a 20% discount on all Dry and Wet Food products to a 15% discount. This also applies to our treats range. This change is now live on the website for new subscription customers.
Existing customers keep their 20% discount
In order to protect our existing customers, we will keep your existing discount at 20% off the new RRP for at least the next six months. It is very important that you do not change your subscription products though, or start a new subscription, as this will automatically move you to our new pricing.
Pricing changes on all products
During the week commencing 26th September we will be increasing the price of the majority of our products across our website. This is not a decision that we have taken lightly and we are adding the bare minimum possible for us to be able to continue to provide the quality you expect from Barking Heads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes - we won't be moving you to the 15% discount for at least the next six months. Just don't make changes to your subscription during this time. However, your price will be changing due to the prices of our products changing on our website in September 2022.

Yes, we are afraid all existing customers will see increases to the price of their subscription from this week. However, you will be getting the best price on our website, as unlike new customers you will still save 20% from the new RRP.

We have waited as long as possible, but with some of our input costs more than doubling, we cannot afford not to make this move any later, in order to make sure we keep supplying the quality your pooch expects.

It states in our subscription terms and conditions that we can do this, however this wouldn't be very nice of us, so all subscription customers were notified on the 23rd September via email.

As per our terms and conditions, you are free to cancel your subscription at any time after your second completed order. This can be done in your account area yourself and there is no need to contact our customer service team.

Yes, it's lucky you asked, because we have just launched our new loyalty scheme, so you can now earn points on all purchases and use them to save more money!

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