Subscribe & Save

What is it?

We offer Subscribe & Save as the default pricing option on all of our delicious Barking and Meowing Heads products. Subscribe & Save offers customers the chance to choose the products they want on an automatic recurring order at a discounted price, so you don't ever have to worry about running out of dog food again. 

How does it work? 

We offer different levels of discount depending on the product in question, small bags and wet pouches are subject to a 10% discount, large bags are subject to 15% discount and our bundles are discounted at 5% on top of the great savings they already offer!

All you have to do is choose what products you would like and how often you would like the order to repeat using the drop down list. 

Can I cancel or change my subscription? 

Yes, since you ask, you can! Customers who Subscribe & Save can change their order in their account manager page at any time, customers are free to cancel their subscription without cost after two completed orders. 

What if I don't have an account? 

If you've created a subscription without an account, you will need to contact our customer service team on 01442 212392 to change or cancel your subscription. 

Can I use discount codes with my subscription? 

No, sadly not, unless we are offering a specific Subscribe & Save promotion.

Don't panic though, if there is another offer you would like to take advantage of in any given month, you are free to pause your subscription for a month or skip an order though.