Subscribe & Save - Terms and Conditions

All terms listed in our main terms and conditions, returns policy and delivery pages apply to Subscribe & Save purchases. 


On top of the above, the below extra terms and conditions apply to all Subscribe & Save purchases. 

  1. Pet Food UK Ltd. retains the right to modify all subscriptions without notice. This includes the right to change the price of products that that are already part of an on-going subscription.
  2. Customers can cancel their Subscribe & Save orders at any time, free of charge, after two completed orders. The fee for cancellation before two completed orders will be at the same price as your first Subscribe & Save order. This is done by logging into your account or by calling the Pet Food UK Ltd customer service team on 08081008885
  3. Subscribe and Save cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions or limited time offers on the Barking and Meowing Heads website.
  4. Customers can modify their Subscribe & Save orders at any time by logging into their account or calling the Pet Food UK Ltd customer service team on 08081008885
  5. Subscribe and Save orders will be cancelled if for any reason Pet Food UK Ltd. chooses to dis-continue (de-list) a product from our range
  6. If, for any reason, your chosen product is not available/in stock when the system comes to make a recurring order, the customer will be notified of the delay and if necessary a substitute product will be offered in place of your usual product at the same price.