Puppy Tips - Vet Advice by Vet Dr Scott Miller

Puppy Tips - Vet Advice by Vet Dr Scott Miller

Puppy Tips - Vet Advice by Vet Dr Scott Miller

New puppy day! Adopting a puppy can be super exciting but it can also be overwhelming!

That's why we've asked our Vet, Dr Scott Miller to share his top tips on welcoming your new puppy into the family! 🐾

Our resident vet Dr Scott Miller, says…..


Mum's Scent

🦴 Bring some of the scent from mum and the other puppies home with you, to support assimilation into a new environment.


Crate Training

🦴 Crate training is key to a successful relationship with you, your dog and their environment, thinking of it as a comfortable den rather than incarceration while fostering some time apart to avoid separation anxiety in later life.


Puppy Training

🦴 Basic training is so important in the early days, with toilet training and play all part of those lovely but hard work early days.


Vet Checks

🦴 A trip to the Vet is essential to check your new arrival is healthy, and protect them with vaccinations and parasite control before you venture out and about.



A good quality food is key, such as Barking Heads, to grow and mature to be the perfect picture of canine health.


If you have any questions, always contact your vet for advice! 🐶

Vet, Dr Scott Miller and Barking Heads


Did you know large breed puppies have special feeding requirements? Read our blog on Large Breed Feeding Advice for Puppies by Vet Dr Scott Miller and Barking Heads!

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