Large Breed Feeding - Vet Advice from Dr Scott Miller

Dr Scott Miller with dog

Large Breed Feeding - Vet Advice from Dr Scott Miller

Did you know that large and giant breed dogs have different dietary requirements to their smaller canine counterparts? This is extremely important from puppyhood all the way through to adulthood to ensure slow and controlled growth along with prevention of health conditions that could occur.

Our Vet, Dr Scott Miller shares with us important information as to why large and giant breed dogs require a different, specific food for their size and the health risks that could occur if we don’t.

Why large breed dogs require a different food by vet Dr Scott Miller and Barking Heads

What dogs are classed as large and giant breed dogs?

Large and giant breed dogs such as saint bernards, newfoundlands, great danes, german shepherds and labradors do need different foods than their smaller canine counterparts to thrive, particularly when growing.


Why do I need to feed a large breed specific diet for my dog?

Large breed specific diets can help to reduce excessively fast growth keeping growing bones and joints healthy with good nutrition. This is particularly important during puppyhood when your puppy is still growing! That's why we recommend Big Foot Puppy Days, specially formulated for larger breed puppies.


What can I do to prevent risks associated with larger breeds

Slower growth with strictly managed exercise is key when attempting to manage or avoid the onset of the debilitating disease known as hip dysplasia which is more common in larger breed dogs. Its also important to keep your dog lean by feeding a diet with lower dietary fat levels and quality carbohydrates for sustained energy levels plus, supplementation of active ingredients such as glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM are important to maintain good health of the joints particularly in larger canines.

That’s why Barking Heads have created Big Foot Dog Food, formulated for large and giant breed dogs and recommended by our very own Vet, Dr Scott Miller! Our Big Foot range varies from Puppy Days through to Adult in lots of yummy flavours to ensure your dog is taken care of during every stage of their life.


Vet, Dr Scott Miller and Barking Heads

Dental Tips - Vet Advice from Vet Dr Scott Miller and Barking Heads


*The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian or other qualified pet health provider with any questions you may have regarding your pet’s health*

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