Barking Heads Hypoallergenic Trial Bundle

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Free from grain and made with natural salmon, Pooched salmon is perfect for dogs with allergies to traditional proteins and cereals. Add our grain free wet foods as a topper for a more varied dinner. 

1 x 2kg Pooched Salmon

Barking Heads Pooched Salmon is made with 100% natural salmon. This super yummy adult dog recipe is made using only the best quality, natural ingredients. Approved by vets, Pooched Salmon is great for skin and coat, contains added joint support, and is completely grain-free. 

1 x Barking Heads Wet Food Variety Pack

Give your pooch a more variety at dinner time with our handy new variety packs. Each pack contains 6 of our grain free, chicken, beef and lamb wet food pouches (2 of each flavour), making this pack perfect for rotational feeding and keeping even the fussiest of eaters interested in their food!

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