Tips for moving house with your dog

Tips for moving house with your dog

Tips for moving house with your dog

Moving house can be an exciting yet stressful time for everyone involved, including our furry friends, but fear not! With a little preparation and a lot of love, we can make this transition as smooth as a freshly groomed coat. So, grab your leash and let’s dive into some tips for moving house with your furry friend.

  1. Prep and Pack with Paws in Mind: As soon as those moving boxes start piling up, it’s important to create a safe haven for your dog amidst the chaos. Keep their essentials like food, water, toys, and bedding easily accessible. Pack their belongings last and unpack them first in your new digs to provide a sense of familiarity.

  2. Maintain Routine and Familiarity: Dogs thrive on routine, so try to maintain their regular schedule as much as possible during the moving process. Stick to their feeding, walking, and playtime routines to minimise stress and anxiety. Familiar scents, toys, and blankets can also provide comfort in unfamiliar surroundings.

  3. Visit the New Digs: Before the big move, take your pooch on a sniffing expedition to explore their new stomping grounds. Let them roam around the neighbourhood, sniff out the local wildlife, and get acquainted with nearby parks. This will help them feel more comfortable and confident in their new environment.

  4. Secure Your Pup on Moving Day: Moving day can be chaotic, with doors constantly opening and closing, and strangers coming in and out. To ensure your dog’s safety, consider confining them to a secure room or crate away from the hustle and bustle. Make sure they have access to water, toys, and a cosy spot to relax while you tackle the moving madness.

  5. Update ID and Microchip Information: With all the commotion of moving, it’s easy for our furry friends to slip out unnoticed. Before you move, make sure your dog’s ID tags and microchip information are up to date with your new address and contact details. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your pup can be easily reunited with you if they happen to go on a solo adventure.

  6. Take Breaks and Show Some Love: Moving can be physically and emotionally draining for both you and your dog. Take frequent breaks from unpacking to spend quality time with your furry companion. Whether it’s a leisurely walk or a cosy cuddle session on the sofa, showing them some extra love and attention will help reassure them that everything will be okay.

Remember, moving house can be a ruff experience, but with a little patience, preparation, and plenty of treats, you and your furry friend can navigate this journey together. So, embrace the adventure, cherish the memories, and don’t forget to give your pup an extra belly rub for being the best moving buddy a human could ask for!

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