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Welcome to Dr Scott's Q&A page, where we post all of your doggy health and nutrition questions to Dr Scott for him to answer. Dr Scott is well known for the being the vet on ITV's This Morning show, as well as being Barking Heads' biggest advocate!

Plant-Powered Pooches update: we've had loads of great questions regarding our new veggie product, so we've got Dr Scott to make a special video to answer some of them - scroll to the bottom of this page to watch the video

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dogs are omnivores, so need both meat and vegetables in their diets and they need the vitamins and minerals that only the right combination of the two can provide. Barking Heads recipes all contain over 50% meat, which is a great starting point, but crucially they also all contain the right combination of veg and extra vitamins and minerals that dogs need to be at their best. Barking Heads even make a vegetarian product called Plant-Powered Pooches that can be mixed with their meat products or fed as an occasional alternative to meat, to give them an even healthier and more environmentally friendly diet.

It's always hard to know what to feed the newest member of your family, but I always recommend Barking Heads' Puppy Days to my clients when they ask me. It contains all the vitamins and minerals that young dogs need, such as extra calcium for bone development. Puppy days is available in two sizes, for larger breeds and standard breed dogs, as well as in a tasty wet pouch. I suggest mixing wet and dry to give the best dinner for your puppy.

I would always recommend introducing a new food slowly into your pet's diet, as you don't want to cause a shock to the system. I would suggest gently mixing your current food with the new product gradually over 5 days or so. As the days go by increase the amount of the new feed and decrease the amount of the old feed.

Aside from the company's great ethics and commitment to doing the right thing for pets, I recommend Barking Heads and Meowing Heads because the products simply contain everything your pet needs to maintain good health. The high meat content, combined with all the vitamins, fresh veg and minerals provides the perfect balance for your pet. All of the ingredients are natural and carefully sourced, so you can be sure that your're feeding the best with Barking and Meowing Heads.

The signs that your dog has an allergy are similar to what you'd expect from a human with an allergy. So, if you notice them itching a lot, or if their stools aren't consistent then you should consider taking them to a vet first and foremost to make sure there is nothing more seriously wrong. Once you're sure there is nothing serious underlying, you should definetely try them on a grain free product, such as Barking Heads Pooched Salmon or Duck.

Dr Scott talks Plant-Powered Pooches

We've just launched our new vegetarian food, Plant-Powered Pooches! We've already had lots of questions from customers regarding this exciting new launch, so we've got Dr Scott to make this video to talk you through the wonders of plant power!

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