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Welcome to Dr Scott's Q&A page, where we post all of your doggy health and nutrition questions to Dr Scott for him to answer. Dr Scott is well known for the being the vet on ITV's This Morning show, as well as being Barking Heads' biggest advocate!

Plant-Powered Pooches update: we've had loads of great questions regarding our new veggie product, so we've got Dr Scott to make a special video to answer some of them - scroll to the bottom of this page to watch the video

Meet Dr Scott
Dr Scott talks Plant-Powered Pooches

We've just launched our new vegetarian food, Plant-Powered Pooches! We've already had lots of questions from customers regarding this exciting new launch, so we've got Dr Scott to make this video to talk you through the wonders of plant power!

Plant-Powered Pooches

Dr Scott is a big advocate of adding some additional veggies to your dog's diet, so he recomends Barking Heads' Plant-Powered Pooches for healthy and environmentally friendly meat free mondays!

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