Introducing our Pet Nutritionist Sarah McNamara

Meet Sarah McNamara, our Pet Nutritionist

At Barking Heads, we care dearly about dogs. In fact, we’re barking mad about them. So we’ve made a dog food that cares for them just as much as we do, thanks to fantastic people on our team like Pet Nutritionist Sarah. Sarah will be on hand to provide information about how best to care for your dog with a great diet and let our customers know the benefits of great nutrition.

A little bit about Sarah:

Sarah has been a nutritionist for 5 years and started her journey into pet nutrition thanks to her love of all animals and her passion to provide them with the correct nutrition for their individual needs and lifestyle - but also to fit the needs of the pet owner in terms of format and price point. Before branching out into nutrition, Sarah worked for an equine feed company and held positions in Livestock Animal feed manufacturing in quality control and within a laboratory setting analyzing feed and raw materials on a wet chemistry basis.

Sarah graduated in 2012 with a degree in Equine Science from the University of Hull with the aim of becoming an Equine Nutritionist or possibly studying further to become a Vet, specific to equine/farm animals. Fast forward to now and Sarah is fully immersed into the world of pet food and thoroughly enjoys it. Sarah has a keen interest in the gut microbiome and how this can manipulate a lot of other systems within the body, particularly the immune system.

Sarah is the pawrent of two standard wirehaired Dachshunds, Bear & Olive, as well as her ex-racehorse Taz who has recently turned 21 years old! These three fur children take up a lot of her time exploring the countryside on a weekend.

Meet Bear and Olive:

Bear is 5 years old & Olive is 3 years old and both are super characterful which is very typical for the breed. They are known as the clowns of the Dachshund world, and they are just that. Bear is a little nervous around strangers, but Olive is super friendly and full of sass and can often be found receiving cuddles in the office. They are Sarah’s pride and joy and their house would be very quiet without them!

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