What happens in a Dog Dental Procedure? Vet Advice From Dr Scott Miller

Dog getting it's teeth brushed

What happens in a Dog Dental Procedure? Vet Advice From Dr Scott Miller

Dental Procedure Walk-through from Dr Scott Miller

Vet, Dr Scott Miller walks us through a dental scale & polish procedure. As Dr Scott Miller shows us, Scully has a dark, yellowish calcification over the teeth and some gingivitis (inflammation of the gums). This indicates that Scully is in need of a dental to remove the plaque on his teeth. Dr Scott Miller walks us through process.


What happens in a dental procedure for my dog? 🐕

Firstly, now that Dr Scott Miller has diagnosed that Scully requires a dental, Scully is anesthetised, with the support of a Veterinary Nurse alongside Dr Scott to monitor the anaesthetic.

Whilst anesthetised, Dr Scott shows us in more detail Scully's teeth; visually you can see the tartar build up around the teeth resulting in slightly inflamed gums. Dr Scott reassures owners that it can be very difficult to brush your dog or cats teeth at home therefore, a dental scale & polish is necessary to keep teeth clean if this can be an issue your pet suffers from plaque build up.

Firstly, Dr Scott Miller begins by cracking off the tartar. Using his tool, he squeezes the tooth and you can see the tartar coming off in 'sheets'. Using a scaler, with the water this helps to remove any additional tartar on the teeth. This is repeated on each tooth and both sides of the mouth.

Scully is then safely awakened from anaesthetic and sent home with all of the appropriate aftercare.



How to prevent tartar build up on your dogs teeth 🦷

Dr Scott Miller recommends continuing teeth management once your pet has recovered from their procedure. Using a finger brush and doggy toothpaste (Avoid human toothpaste as this contains xylitol, which is toxic to dogs), use circular motions to massage teeth and gums. Build this up from a few seconds to a few minutes over time. Dr Scott Miller also recommends Floss N Gloss Dental Sticks to keep your dogs teeth clean. They're also low in fat and healthy, which is the perfect alternative to other high calorie treats!


Vet Dr Scott Miller and Barking Heads


How do I brush my dogs teeth? Read our blog by Vet Dr Scott Miller on his top tips for dental health!


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