Barking Heads Fat Dog Slim - For Pups Watching Their Weight

Barking Heads Fat Dog Slim - For Pups Watching Their Weight - Barking Heads & Meowing Heads

Barking Heads Fat Dog Slim - For Pups Watching Their Weight

At Barking Heads, we understand that every dog deserves the finest nutrition tailored to their unique needs. So we created our Fat Dog Slim recipe, a meticulously crafted dry dog food designed with love for our four-legged friends who are watching their weight.

Barking Heads Fat Dog Slim Dry Dog Food

Premium Ingredients for a Pawsitively Healthy Lifestyle:

We're committed to using quality ingredients and we pride ourselves on using 50% free-run chicken, ensuring that your dog receives a high-protein, flavourful meal. Paired with healthy grains like rice, and an array of vegetables such as peas and carrots, our recipe is packed full of taste and nutrition.


Barking Heads Quality Natural Ingredients

Natural Goodness Unleashed:

We believe in the power of natural ingredients. Fat Dog Slim is crafted with only the best quality components and contains no nasties or fillers. We are devoted to providing a wholesome meal that aligns with your dog's natural diet, ensuring they thrive with each bite.


Barking Heads Weight Management and Joint Support

Weight Management and Joint Support:

Our Fat Dog Slim recipe isn't just about shedding the pounds; it's about promoting overall well-being. With 30% less fat and a boost of glucosamine and chondroitin, this recipe is a tasty choice for a trim pup with strong joints. We believe in nourishing your dog from the inside out, providing a balanced meal that supports their weight management journey.


Barking Heads Long Lasting Fullness

Long-Lasting Fullness and Body Condition:

A satisfied dog is a happy dog. Packed with slow-release carbs from oats and enriched with L-carnitine, Fat Dog Slim keeps your furry friend fuller for longer, promoting an optimal body condition. It's not just about watching the scale; it's about ensuring your dog looks and feels fantastic every day.


Barking Heads Approved by the Experts

Expert Approval:

When it comes to the well-being of your pets, trust is paramount. Our natural dog food isn't just loved by pets; it's approved by expert vets and specialist pet retailers. This stamp of approval speaks volumes about our commitment to providing the best nutrition for your furry family member.

Fat Dog Slim isn't just dog food; it's a commitment to the health and happiness of your beloved canine companion. With premium ingredients, natural goodness, and expert approval, Barking Heads Fat Dog Slim is a delicious way to keep tails wagging and bodies healthy. Shop the range in selected stores and online now. 

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