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We know that puppies and being a new pet parent bring owners lots of love and laughter but they also generate a lot of questions – so to lend a helping paw, our dog-mad team have designed some exclusive benefits for you and some top tips to help settle in your puppy parents newest pack member! You’ll also get access to nutritional information which, as you will know, poor nutrition can result in some questionable behaviour!

Benefits for Trainers

Great food at amazing prices...

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Free Treats!

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For your newest pupils!

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Our puppy pack contains a range of delicious 100% natural Puppy love! Each pack contains 1 of our complete wet food pouches, 1kg natural Puppy Days dry food. Our exclusive Puppy Guide packed with advice from our experts including Dogtor Adem! Plus a money off voucher for your puppy's new parents first purchase.


Register your puppy classes and see how we can support your newest pack members. 

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