Thin Blue Paw Terms and Conditions

Thin Blue Paw Foundation Terms and Conditions


    • Pet Food UK shall supply to Owners (on behalf of Thin Blue Paw) such Product as the relevant Registered Dogs may, in PFUK’s reasonable expectation, consume (Scheme) subject to annual limits, delivery charges being paid and fair use as outlined
    • Supply of Products shall:
      • Adhere to the annual Limit: 120 kilograms of Dry Product or such quantity of Equivalent Product as PFUK in its sole discretion considers is of an equivalent value to 120 kilograms of Dry Product (such limits to apply where the Registered Dog is a large breed dogs and may be varied by PFUK where the Registered Dog is not a large breed dog);
      • Not exceed the Annual Limit for each Registered Dog calculated (for each Registered Dog) from the date upon which the order is first placed for that Registered Dog;
      • Free of charge, except that PFUK’s delivery charges must be paid in full by the Owner in advance of dispatch of Product;
      • Terminate immediately upon termination of the Partnership Agreement between Pet Food UK and The Thin Blue Paw for any reason (and any orders placed prior to termination which have not been dispatched will be null and void); and be subject to PFUK’s standard T&Cs;
    • Supplied product is exclusively for the consumption of the Thin Blue Paw registered dog.  In no circumstances can this be resold, or shared with other dogs (including those in household who are not Thin Blue Paw registered dogs).  Any reselling activity will result in the termination of the scheme for all registered parties as outlined in the Thin Blue Paw Partnership Agreement.
    • The Scheme shall apply to a maximum of 300 Registered Dogs at any time, but no new TPB dogs may become Registered Dogs or benefit from the Scheme after 31 December 2023
      • Only dogs who are fully registered with their £20 monthly membership fee paid to the Thin Blue Paw are eligible to become “Registered Dogs.”  If payment ceases they will become “Ineligible Dogs”
      • Registered Dogs who become Ineligible Dogs will no longer be eligible to benefit under the Scheme and shall be removed as Registered Dogs as soon as reasonably practicable.
      • Pet Food UK and/or the Thin Blue Paw Foundation reserve the right to terminate access to this offering at any time, without prior written notice or reasons given. 
    • Pet Food UK Ltd. retain the right to edit/change the terms of the scheme at any given time.
    • The following definitions apply:
      • Equivalent Product: such product as the parties may agree from time to time will be provided to one or more Owners instead of Dry Product;
      • Registered Dogs: Dogs who are fully registered with their monthly membership fees paid to the Thin Blue Paw, and who have successfully completed the Scheme application, and have been accepted to this Scheme.
      • Ineligible Dog: a Registered Dog (a) who dies; (b) whose Owner is suspected by PFUK and/ or TBP of Unfair Use; or (c) who is withdrawn as a beneficiary under the Scheme for any other reason;