Meet Bailey & Byrne

We love our dogs. In fact we’re potty for them.

Bailey and his life-long companion Byrne help us celebrate more of those hair-filled, shoe-chewing, mud-coated moments that we spend with our four-legged friends!

In real life Barking Mad Mansions welcomes dogs daily – in every shape and size! So, every Bailey and Byrne story is based on a real moment from our dog-owning experiences, whether it’s the never-ending energy of Freddie the cockerpoo, or husky Winter’s passion for sleeping in cardboard boxes…. 

As dog lovers ourselves, we think it’s time to celebrate how marvellously mad life with our dogs can be!

See what Bailey & Byrne have been upto

Did you know?

Cheeky chappy Bailey has been the face of Barking Heads since day one – he’s changed a bit though from Dave’s first sketch on the back of a napkin!

One evening, when a younger Dave, Paul & Jim were pondering the perfect name for the quality dog food brand they were creating, Dave was listening to the radio...The band Talking Heads came on, and in a flash of inspiration, the name Barking Heads was born. So we named Bailey’s cartoon hooman in homage to the lead singer – David Byrne.

Byrne has a doppleganger! We think Josh in our marketing team is the spitting image of our cartoon hero. What do you think? Twinsies?

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To keep your dog as happy and active as Bailey, you need to make sure you are feeding them a feast, not the potential fillers found in most other brands.

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