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Your pup can start eating our delicious adult dogs’ recipes from 12 months! 

For larger breed puppies, we recommend hanging on a bit longer before switching to grown-up dinners. Sticking with our super-charged puppy power recipe until they’re 18 months-old should ensure your new family member gets all the nutrients they need to support their growing (furry) bodies. 

Pooched Salmon or Bowl Lickin’ Chicken are perfect adult recipes to start with, as they contain the same high-quality proteins found in our Puppy Days food. Once your pup has transitioned on to our adult range, you might want to rotate your Barking Heads flavours, so your dog gets plenty of tasty variety in their daily diet. 

Yes, you absolutely can. Eating the same meal for an entire week…or month could get dull for the  pickier pooch! Feeding different Barking Heads flavours and textures to your dog (we do wet and dry) is a healthy way to keep dinner time interesting!

If you’re feeding wet and dry together, we recommend reducing your dry food amount by 20 grams for every 100 grams of wet food you add to your dog bowl. 

A grain-free diet can help dogs who have tummy troubles linked to diet (we recommend checking with your vet if you have any serious concerns though?) On our grain-free, gourmet menu is Top Dog Turkey, Pooched Salmon, Duck and Fish n Delish. 

All Barking Heads wet food is grain-free, in case you were wondering (and equally delish).

Not a problem. We’ve got plenty of chicken-less recipes on the menu, so they’ll be spoilt for choice. Take your pick from Beef Waggington, Pooched Salmon, Chop Lickin’ Lamb, Top-Dog Turkey, Dogglicious Duck or Fish-n-Delish! 

Every yummy, juicy, meaty wet food pouch can be pegged and be kept in the fridge for up to 72 hours.

We do. If you’re a breeder looking for top notch nutrition for your new arrivals, we have a special Barking Heads breeder deal we’d love to tell you more about? Simply click this link to find out more.

Unfortunately we don't currently offer free samples however you can find some great deals on our website such as our 'welcome to the pack' pack which includes a small pack of dry, wet and treats for you to try at a low introductory price.

When your dog reaches the grand old age of 7 (that’s 49 in human years folks), they get to be a Barking Heads Golden Oldie! You might want to celebrate this glorious coming of age with a switch to Golden Years food (it’s lovely).  It also contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin, which can help keep joints and muscles supple as your dog gets on a bit. 

If your more mature pup doesn’t do grains, we suggest you stick with Pooched Salmon and ask your vet for advice about extra supplements for age-specific ailments.

Our recipes are made with fresh ingredients, so there can be a bit of colour and texture variation. It’s one way of knowing we’re all about natural and NO nasties. No food ever leaves Barking Heads HQ without passing our quality test either.

Yes, they can (good news for peckish puppies everywhere!). Barking Heads Baked Treats are suitable for puppies aged 8 weeks, while our mouth-wateringly Meaty Treats can be fed from 12 weeks onwards.  If you’re feeding Baked Treats to little pups with baby teeth, you can dunk them in water to soften them up a bit and make them easier to munch.

As with our dry and wet dog food, there are handy feeding guidelines on every pack.

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