Environmental Policy

At Pet Food UK Ltd we are committed to caring for our environment, which is why we have taken the time to establish the following environmental policy:

Our Products

  • Our entire product range is made from natural ingredients with added vitamins and minerals. These are derived from ethical sources, which is not only healthier for the animals consuming our food, but better for the environment.
  • We make an effort to source as many of our raw ingredients locally as possible in order to reduce our ‘food miles’ or carbon footprint.
  • Our packaging is secure and resealable to ensure that our product stays fresh as long as possible to prevent food waste.
  • When sourcing packaging and ingredients, we make sure we consider the impact on the environment as a whole, while always striving to maintain or improve the high quality of our foods. We are constantly working with our suppliers to find ways of making our business more environmentally friendly.
  • We keep our product stock levels to a maximum of twelve week to avoid further wastage.

Our Business

  • We are careful to contract our office electricity with energy companies that are investing heavily in reducing carbon emissions and producing clean energy.

  • Our Head Office has a system in place to ensure that all appropriate waste is sent for recycling where possible.

  • We make the effort to ask our logistics operations contractors to conduct business as efficiently as possible to reduce wasted road miles. We also often use ‘backloads’ to transport our goods, again to help reduce our carbon footprint.

  • We only work with manufacturing plants that have a strong ethical and environmental policy similar to ourselves.

  • We are constantly reviewing our operations to look for areas for improvement.

  • Unless specifically requested by customers, order invoices are sent via email to prevent paper and ink waste.