How to teach your dog its name

How to teach your dog its name

How to teach your dog its name

Naming your dog not only makes it easier to get their attention and have them follow commands, it also makes them feel like a part of the family. Here are some top tips on how to teach your dog its name. 

Bringing a new dog into your family is an exciting time, and choosing a name that suits their personality is a key part of familiarising yourself with them. 

Once you’ve settled on their chosen name, it’s important they become familiar with it so they not only understand when you want to get their attention, but also so they know how to respond to your family and friends when called. 

With it being a legal requirement to ensure you’re able to have your dog under control at all times, it’s crucial they understand their name and when they’re being called, so they can respond positively and accordingly. This is especially important in dangerous situations – whether that be in the park around other dogs and people, or even crossing the street in busy traffic – they should know how to respond and remain safe. 

To teach your dog their name, first start out in the safety and familiarity of your own home which is less likely to have as many distractions as the outside world. In a quiet, calm space, practice saying your dog’s name, rewarding them with praise or a small treat like our Tuck Shop Roll'overs each time they look at you once you’ve said it. They will soon start to associate responding to that sound with a positive reaction. 

Don’t overwhelm them with this tactic by repeating their name over and over again in quick succession, or by adding in other commands such as sit, as this will simply confuse your pooch. Instead, spread it out, leaving some time in between each call so they build a really clear association between their name and your positive reinforcement. 

Once they’ve mastered this, try it somewhere outside the home where there are more distractions which may take their focus – whether that be your garden or a quiet spot in your local park. Again, reward them each time they pay attention to you when you say their name, and continue to up the stakes in new scenarios, building their association between responding and reward no matter the time or place. 

They’ll know their name in no time! 

Stay tuned for more dog training tips from our team of experts. 

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