All Hounder: Tasty and tailored recipes for medium dogs

All Hounder: Tasty and tailored recipes for medium dogs

All Hounder: Tasty and tailored recipes for medium dogs

At Barking Heads we believe that every dog deserves a bowl full of joy and nourishment tailored just for them. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our new and improved medium-sized kibble range, now named All Hounder

Our All Hounder range is suitable for medium dogs and includes recipes that are tailored to their individual needs. Read on to find out more about our tasty and tailored wellness range for your furry family member.

Barking Heads All Hounder Bowl Lickin' Goodness Chicken Dry Dog Food

Bowl Lickin' Goodness: Chicken & Lamb

Lovingly made for everyday well-being

For those everyday meals that your furry friend eagerly anticipates. Rich in slow-release carbs to properly fuel their day, with added balanced vitamins & minerals, for daily vitality, added Selenium & Vitamin E to help support immune defence and pre-Biotics to help support digestion and absorb all our wholesome goodness.

Barking Heads All Hounder Fat Dog Slim Dry Dog Food

Fat Dog Slim

Lovingly made for dogs who are watching their weight

We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy weight. Our recipe has 30% less fat and is specially crafted for pups on a weight management journey. With carefully selected ingredients, this recipe helps dogs shed those extra pounds while still enjoying a delicious and satisfying meal.

Barking Heads All Hounder Fuss Pot Dry Dog Food

Fuss Pot

Lovingly made for dogs who enjoy fine dining

If your dog has a discerning palate, our grain-free Fuss Pot recipe is here to please. Perfect for sensitive tums and rich in slow-release carbs to properly fuel their day. Plus duck fat and linseed help to keep skin and coat in tip top condition.

Barking Heads All Hounder Hair Necessities Dry Dog Food 

Hair Necessities

Lovingly made for good hair days every day 

Hair Necessities is more than just a meal, it's a beauty treatment for your pup. This hypoallergenic, grain-free recipe is ideal for dogs with sensitive skin and tummies, with salmon oil rich in omega 3 & 6 for the glossiest of coats and zinc & biotin to support hair strength.

Barking Heads All Hounder Tummy Loving Care Dry Dog Food

Tummy Loving Care

Lovingly made for dogs with sensitive stomachs

We understand that some dogs have sensitive stomachs. Tummy Loving Care is formulated with gentle ingredients to support digestive health, making it the perfect choice for dogs with sensitive tummies. The grain-free recipe contains white fish as a highly digestible and lean source of protein, pre-biotics to help support digestion and salmon oil rich in anti-inflammatory omega 3.

Barking Heads All Hounder Golden Years Dry Dog Food

Golden Years

Lovingly made for wiser, more mature dogs

As dogs age, their nutritional needs change. Golden Years is designed to cater to the specific requirements of senior dogs. Glucosamine & Chondroitin help keep joints strong and healthy and keep them mobile. With 25% less fat and L-Carnitine to help maintain a tip top body condition and added vitamins, minerals & beta glucans to support immune defence and vital organ functions. 

Barking Heads All Hounder Puppy Days Dry Dog Food

Puppy Days

Lovingly made for your growing puppy's needs

The early stages of life are crucial for a puppy's development. Puppy Days provides the essential nutrients needed for growth and energy, laying the foundation for a healthy and happy future. The grain-free recipe is ideal for sensitive tums and contains salmon oil to support early years cognitive learning and development. Added calcium, glucosamine and chondroitin support healthy gnashers and strong bones and beta glucans support gut health and immune defence in growing pups.

Our commitment to using high-quality, natural ingredients ensures that your furry friend receives the nutrition they need without compromising on taste.

So, why wait? Treat your pup to our new tasty and tailored wellness range, available in selected pet stores and online now!

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