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Welcome to the delicious world of Barking Heads!

Our Welcome To The Plant Pack, is the perfect way to allow your pooch to bound into the delicious world of Barking Heads - and to get that tail wagging!

This exclusive offer for first-time customers includes our new dry Plant-Powered Pooches, our delicious dental chews Floss 'N' Gloss and for those especially good boys and girls, some yummy Top Bananas treats – all completely meat-free with no fillers and no nasties.

1 x 1kg PLANT POWERED POOCHES - Complete vegetarian pet food for adult dogs, blended with sweet potato, carrot & apple

1 x 150g FLOSS 'N' GLOSS DENTAL STICKS - Natural dental chews for oral hygiene & fresh breath

1 x 200g TUCK SHOP GNAWBREAKERS - Our brand new, long-lasting, vegetarian treats, with added eucalyptus oil for fresher breath!

The perfect pack for pet parents looking to give their pups a meat-free Monday or to add some yummy variety! 


What's included?

Floss 'N' Gloss Dental Chews

Floss 'N' Gloss is our brand new, one a day, natural dental stick, offering a healthier alternative for fresher breath!

Nitie Nites Baked Treats

Our Nitie Nites baked treats with their unique blend of restful ingredients are perfect before bed!

Plant Powered Pooches 1kg

Our plant recipe contains just as much protein as our meat recipes, so you can rest assured your dog is still getting the nutrition he or she needs.

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