Trial Bundles & Packs

Introducing Our Trial Bundles


We've created a range of new bundles for £20 or less to give you the best options to trial your dog on delicious Barking Heads food. We're even giving you FREE DELIVERY(worth £4.99) when you first buy these bundles, making it even easier to start your pooch on Barking Heads for less.


We've carefully picked the products in these bundles for every type of dinner, from fussy dogs to dogs with allergies we've got you covered.



See what tips our vet Amelia has for introducing a new food

Mixed & Rotation Feeding

Have you ever had the same meal for an entire week? A month? A year? What if you had to eat the exact same meal for your whole life? Yikes! This is essentially what most of us do to our dogs — we choose a product and stick with it.
Rotational feeding is all about variety, such as varying the types of proteins fed (like chicken, beef, lamb, etc.) and food forms (wet and dry). This lets your dog experience and enjoy a range of different textures and flavours as part of their meals and allows you to vary their diet on a daily or weekly basis.

The Benefits

  • Variety will ensure a more complete and balanced diet for your dog
  • Rotational feeding may help to make your dog less of a fussy eater.
  • It can reduce risk of food allergies and intolerances in later life, especially if you start rotational feeding when your dog is young.
  • Rotational feeding creates excitement and keeps interest in mealtimes
  • It can also help to increase your dog’s water intake, by offering awetfoods to those that just feed dried kibble.