Subscription Issues




Dear Subscribers
As part of our constant mission to make our website better, we have recently upgraded the software we use to run our subscription service. This process has worked well for the majority of our existing customers, but has not gone as smoothly as we would have liked for others, and we would like to take the chance to apologise to anyone who is affected by this issue. 
If you joined our subscription program before 12th May 2020, we have identified two issues that could affect you: 
1. There is a small chance that you will receive your most recent order twice and be charged for it twice, which is down to a technical problem and was not our intention at all. 
2. If you cancelled your subscription in the days leading up to or just after 12th May 2020, your preferences may not have been updated in the new system and you may still recieve and be charged for what would have been your next order.

 What to do now? 

Most customers won't need to do anything, but if you have been affected by either of the above problems (or anything else), we sincerly appologise and will do everything we can to put things right. Please do not panic, we will cancel and refund any orders that you do not want to recieve as quickly as possible. Sadly, you can't request a refund online in your account area, so you will need to contact our fantastic customer service team in the usual ways by clicking the below link. Please note the customer service team are very busy at this time and it may take longer than usual to answer your call. 
We also recomend checking your account area to make sure your subscription is as it should be and making changes if need be, either by yourself or by contacting customer service. 

Have my card details been compromised? 

The short answer to this question is NO 

The longer answer is that in line with the GDPR, we do not store any of our customer's payment card details ourselves, these are kept as fully encrypted "tokens" by a third party payment provider, in this case Stripe. Stripe can only charge your card in combination with your unique susbcription number, which again, is kept securely, so there is no risk that your card details have been compromised.

Once again we would like to sincerly appolgise for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your continued loyalty to Barking Heads. 
Sarah & The Team at Barking Mad Mansions 

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