Calling all budding artists!

We've got some bright new designs on the shelves... we thought it was time to shake things up!

To celebrate our brand new pack designs, we’d love to see your most colourful, vibrant packaging ideas! You could WIN a 3 months supply of Barking Heads for your pup, as well as a huge luxury colouring hamper!

It would be great to see your jazziest ideas! Please feel free to use pens, paint, glitter or whatever you fancy to bring your designs to life. To enter you must be between the ages of 7-12, with a parent or guardians help, submit a photo of your design to

Feel free to tag us @barkingheads on social media- we can't wait to see them!

A three months supply includes 3x our 12kg bags or the equivalent value of our wet food. The competition closes 23/05/2021.

Simply right click, save & print!

Did you know?

Cheeky chappy Bailey has been the face of Barking Heads since day one – he’s changed a bit though from Dave’s first sketch on the back of a napkin!

One evening, when a younger Dave, Paul & Jim were pondering the perfect name for the quality dog food brand they were creating, Dave was listening to the radio...The band Talking Heads came on, and in a flash of inspiration, the name Barking Heads was born. So we named Bailey’s cartoon hooman in homage to the lead singer – David Byrne.

Byrne has a doppleganger! We think Josh in our marketing team is the spitting image of our cartoon hero. What do you think? Twinsies?

Learn about our ingredients

To keep your dog as happy and active as Bailey, you need to make sure you are feeding them a feast, not the potential fillers found in most other brands.

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