As lockdown eases, we’re finding more and more places to explore and to take our furry friends to stretch their four-legs.  We’re missing our team walks around Hemel Hempstead, but we love finding other gems from other dog lovers – so we decided to ask the pros for some of their favourite dog friendly spots.
 Barking Heads Team Walk
We had a chat with our friends at and some of their expert walkers happily shared some of the top places in the UK to take our pooches on an early morning stroll, evening bound around, or late afternoon splash.
Dog Walker Sandra rates Bedfont Lakes in Feltham: 
"My favourite spot for my walks would be Bedfont Lakes. It's a beautiful spot, full of nature and complete with a huge lake that the dogs can swim to their heart's content.
Badal the German Shepherd, one of my regulars, loves his walks there as there are plenty of sniffs and smells thanks to the resident wildlife. He gets to swim in the lake or play fetch in the open field – two of his main sources of joy in life! He also gets to meet all kinds of doggy friends in there!"
Jacqui is a fan of walking in Northlands Park in Pitsea: 
 "There are so many large open spaces so it's a fantastic opportunity for the dogs to run around and burn off all that excess energy – for any dogs that I have permission to walk off-lead, that is! 
Northlands Park is full of trees and bushes, plus local wildlife, so there are hundreds of interesting smells for the dogs – and a lot of the dogs I walk LOVE nothing more than a good long sniffing session! It's also a well-used dog walking park, so plenty of 'pee-mail' from other dogs!"
Tori’s clients love gambling through fields in Kent: 
"My favourite spot is an enclosed field in Kent behind one of my favourite client's houses. Stella who lives there loves running off-lead in the long grass and now she gets to go there every week with her best friend Silas when I walk him on Mondays. It's also close to a horse field and she loves watching then graze and will sit and watch them for hours if she could."
Sarah shared the variety that she’s unearthed on dog walks around Birmingham:
 ​"My favourite place to walk the dogs is Waseley Hills Country Park in Birmingham. It's a lovely place to go with lots of different ways to go, plenty of open fields and hidden paths so no walk's the same! We meet lots of other doggy friends down there and they all have a wonderful time!"
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