National Dog Day is on 26th August 2019, which means that it's fast approaching and you've got some planning to do! Man's best friend is one of the most important members of the family, and if we have a day for mother's and a day for father's, then we definitely need a day dedicated to our pet pooches!

It's a big day for your dog, all about lavishing him (or her!) with fun, treats, and extra attention. You get the chance to have some fun with this all day event where you can celebrate your dog with him for as long as you like.

When Did It All Begin?

national dog day

Before we dive into the things you can do to celebrate, it's essential to know about the background of National Dog Day! It started out in 2004 as a way to honour our dogs and give them a little thanks for the love and appreciation that they show us all year around.

Not only this, but it offers shelters and adoption centres the chance to highlight the fact that there are still so many perfect pups looking for kind and loving homes.

National Dog Day can give you a moment to pause and remember how much your dog is there for you. Not only that but everywhere you look for the week surrounding National Dog Day; you'll find promotions that both you and your dog will appreciate. 

For example, Barking Heads runs a promotion from the 23rd August through to the end of the month, where you can get a free frisbee with all orders, and when you spend £75, you get a free dog day bundle. Promotions like this are fab because they include things like x2 2KG bags of food, two pouches of treats, and five pouches of wet food.

Promotions aren't the only way to celebrate, though, as there is an endless number of things that you and your dog can do to celebrate National Dog Day. Let's take a look!

Go For A Ramble

go for a ramble

Dogs love to walk, and more than that, they love to walk in new places. Exploration makes a dog wag his tail harder, his nose twitch faster and gets their energy flowing. New smells, new sights, and unique tastes along a new route can be a special treat for a dog who loves to explore.

Nervous dogs needn't miss out, either; if they don't like a new route, you can always visit old haunts that they are comfortable to explore, too!

Cuddle Them Close

cuddle them close

Dogs love to love us. They love to be loyal to us, and check on us and ensure that we are alright wherever we are. Their unwavering concern for our wellbeing as their Humans is precisely why we have things like National Dog Day to show our dogs some love.

So, give them equal attention back. Cuddle them and tell them that you love them over and over. Kiss their faces and scratch their coats and tell them how handsome they are. They may not necessarily understand exactly what you're saying, but they'll feel the love deep down.

It's Doggy Date Time!

doggy date

One of the best things about owning a dog is the social side. All those other dogs that you'll meet on your walks?

Why not get together with the owner so that your dogs can play together?

Hosting a playdate for a dog may seem like an "out there" idea, but it's one of the nicest ways to help your dog to socialise on this special holiday. When you have a birthday or a day that's designed for you, being social is a big part of it. It's no different for your pup!

It's Time For Spoiling

spoil your dog

Okay, so we mentioned the cool Barking Heads promotion you can benefit from, but this is THE perfect excuse to buy that embroidered and personalised dog bed. It's the perfect day to spruce your dog's wardrobe and add some fun accessories. It's also a great day to wrap some gifts and a giant juicy bone for your dog; he will love feeling spoilt and will appreciate all of the efforts that you put into his big day - even if he doesn't know what day it is!

Food, Glorious Food.

glorious food

Dogs follow their noses more than anything, and if you want to give your dog a proper treat on National Dog Day, there's got to be some kind of cake, right? Dog-friendly cakes and homemade nibbles are going to change his day, and making something homemade can be so much fun for you, too. Even if you're not a baking fan, you need to think about their very favourite pack of treats, their favourite type of bone and their favourite place to eat it.

Then, make it happen and let them bask in the smells and tastes of the food you present.

Make A Donation

make a donation

As we mentioned earlier, National Dog Day is the perfect time for recognising animal shelters and dogs that don't have loving owners to take care of them yet. Showing your best friend how much you love them by donating to one such shelter can be a good way to help the cause.

Of course, you could choose to adopt another furry friend to add to your family, but it's not always possible to do that. So, showing your support for dogs on National Dog Day can be the perfect solution.

A New Home - Ish!

new dog house

You don't want to give away your dog, but you definitely want to make sure that his house has an upgrade! Either building or buying a new kennel can be the best thing that you do for a really spoilt little dog for the day.

National Dog Day is the perfect day to appreciate and shower your pet with love. Take as many of the ideas above as possible for the best possible day for you and your dog - and Instagram it afterward for memories!


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