As dog owners, we like to treat our pooches. And we're not just talking about taking them for walkies or patting them on the head once in a while. No - we mean REALLY treat them so that they feel like doggy royalty.

But giving our dogs a sense that they have somehow ascended the ranks of nobility is easier said than done. We can't exactly hand them the crown jewels - ahem! No; what we need is something that will thrill them this bank holiday weekend. If only there were a way we could peer inside their little doggy brains and figure out what they want.

It turns out that there is, thanks to some somewhat helpful observations by all the dog owners who have come before. Check out the following ways to treat your dog like royalty this extended May bank holiday weekend.


Go On A Family Outing

Family outing with the dog

Dogs are pack animals. For a dog, there's nothing better than going out with people somewhere and just running free. A family outing on a bank holiday weekend might sound frustratingly quotidian, but for a dog, it's ecstasy. Being with a large group of people outdoors helps them to reconnect with their wolf roots; they can run, skip, and bounce around, burning off all that excess energy while at the same time making connections with the people around them.

Go To A Doggy Get Together

Dog get together

Dogs love going to the park, but not always for the reasons you might think. Believe it or not, the park is a dog's computer. It's where they check their "pee-mail" (sorry) - the scents left over by other dogs, allowing them to catch up on all the latest gossip about who's hot and who's not.

Even better than that, the park is where dogs get to meet up with other dogs, play and generally do all of the things that they not allowed to do with people. Dogs can roll about on the floor, chase their friends, bark, sniff and play games.


Go To A Grooming Parlour

dog parlour

The bank holiday is an excellent opportunity for us to take our dogs for some professional grooming. As many of us already know, dogs love being fussed over anyway, but dog grooming parlours take this to the next level.

Typically, dog grooming sessions last between two and two-and-a-half hours, though they can be longer for long-haired breeds. Specialized staff, highly trained in the art of grooming dogs, lovingly pamper every inch of your dog's coat, removing all the detritus and helping them to feel cosy and cared for. Dog grooming services can do all of those delicate jobs that many of us owners aren't particularly keen on, including ear plucking, ear cleaning, and nail trimming. Many grooming parlours also offer anal gland emptying services and can brush your dog's teeth, helping them to feel fresh and ready to take on the world.

Feed Them Delicious Food

doggy treat

When we live with our dogs for years on end, we soon learn which foods they like, and which they absolutely love. The bank holiday weekend is the perfect opportunity to show our dogs we care by providing them with a delectable treat that they just can't resist.

When it comes to snacks, dogs are connoisseurs. They love celery sticks, apple cores, cucumbers, broccoli, and even cauliflower. You could create a doggy tapas selection with a variety of chopped vegetables, ready for their delectation or some healthy, lower fat treats!

Make Their Bed

dog bed

Just like us, dogs like feel cosy. A dog wants nothing more than to be able to return to their dog bed at the end of a busy day, plop down their head, and snooze in utter luxury.

As observant dog owners, we know that when we put in the extra effort to fluff up the dog bed, our dogs appreciate it. A freshly made bed feels so cosy it's hard not to yawn, close your eyes, and curl up for the night.

Give Them Frozen Treats

cold treats

The British weather permitting, it could be a scorcher this bank holiday weekend. Okay, maybe not a scorcher, but hot enough to induce some panting in our fur-covered four-legged friends.

While our instinct might be to let our dog's tongues do the job of ridding their bodies of excess heat, dogs are known to be partial to the odd frozen treat from time to time.

No, we're not suggesting you feed them a tub of ice cream. But you could put a block of their favourite wet food in the freezer to give them something delicious to lick as they cool down.


Listen To Some Relaxing Tunes

a doggy song

Do our dogs like music? It all depends on the dog. But for some dogs, music is a great soother. If your dog is feeling a little stressed by all the comings and goings this bank holiday weekend, put on some of their favourite jams: they'll love you all the more for it.

Take Them Dog Swimming

dog swimming

There's usually only a matter of seconds between dog seeing a body of water and dog jumping in it. As owners, we know this all too well. We arrive at what seems like a suitable spot to let the dog off the lead, and before we've had time to blink, the dog is in the water, getting soaked.

From this evidence, we can deduce that dogs like water. But rather than have this knowledge thrust upon you in an uncontrolled setting, why not use this bank holiday weekend as an opportunity to purposefully and deliberately take your dog swimming?

Dogs can swim naturally and, for some reason, they love doing it. Swimming is an excellent alternative to walking and gives your pooch a new skill to practice.

How will you treat your dog this coming bank holiday weekend?


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