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We’ve spent years doing our best to perfect our dog food to the highest standard so that it’s loved by ALL dogs. And hopefully your own pups have shown you the benefits already.

But perhaps you’re still on the fence and haven’t quite decided what to feed your four-legged friend. Well, here is our handy guide to prove you wrong and show you why our food is sure to be your dog’s favourite.

It’s perfect for puppies

Puppyhood is such an important stage in your pooch’s life. They are just getting used to the world and they are going to need a bit of extra looking after to grow up as strong as possible. That’s where we come in.

Our puppy food is especially equipped with all of the nutrition required to ensure he or she is super healthy, and you should be able to notice the following benefits:

  • Strong teeth and bones
  • Supports brain devlopment
  • Healthy digestion

You can read our puppy guide for more details on how to look after a new addition to the family.

And old dogs too

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We make delicious food for pets of any age, but a pooch’s needs change slightly as they get older. Like puppies, seniors require a little bit of tweaking when it comes to diet; luckily, we sort the nutritional stuff out so you don’t have to.

Our Golden Years food contains the optimal levels of protein and fat your four-legged pal needs, with the same old delicious taste that’ll make them super happy.

A fussy pup? No problem

One of the things that we are most proud of is the sheer amount of options we have for different pups - there really is no dog left behind.

Dogs are just like people; they all have their own differences, even when it comes to diet. Some people are naturally cautious about the nutrition of their fur baby, whereas others are more aware due to a pup’s allergies or food intolerances.

We have a whole range of grain-free wet and dry food to suit dogs who find these kind of fibres more difficult to digest, without compromising at all on taste.

And if your dog is watching their weight? We have a special slimming dog food, vet approved that’ll help your pooch take off a few pounds and get healthier.

Our food is made with natural ingredients

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You probably know our story. When Barking Heads first started out, our goal was not to make pet food like so many other companies do - filled with artificial products, additives, animal derivatives and loads of other horrible things that should definitely not be a part of your pooch’s 5 a day (if they had one).

That’s why our dog food is packed full of the good stuff: actual, quality meat and fish that your dogs need to thrive, as well as other natural, nutritious ingredients. The combination really does benefit your pets.

After all, if we care so much about what our diets are, why shouldn’t we be concerned about that of our dogs?


The most important reason of all.

People come to us and tell us over and over just how much they - and more importantly their dogs - love our food. They look forward to their meal times and wag their tails like crazy when they see our familiar quirky packaging come out.

Just look at them! Thanks to Emma Lloyd and Allison Crutcher on Facebook and @golden_darcy on Instagram for sending these adorable shots over.

golden retriever with barking heads foodlittle dog sitting on top of cardboard boxes

So there you go, and we hope you’ve seen the light! Tell us if your dog loves their Barking Heads food - or if they’re trying it for the first time, how they like it! - by tweeting us at @BarkingHeads or sending us a message on our Facebook page.


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