It’s important to pay attention to the shelf life of any kind of food you purchase for your pet. Whether you’re buying dry or wet food, it will have a use-by date which should be kept in mind.

Sometimes, though, it’s beneficial to make your pet food last that little bit longer - especially for those greedier pups! Luckily, we have plenty of tips for making your Barking Heads and Meowing Heads products last without compromising the health of your four-legged friends.


Use-by dates are an important guide, but the way in which you store your pet food actually has huge effects on its quality and how long it’ll be edible.

dog treat jar

The main danger is oxidation: this is what happens when the pet food is exposed to heat, light or oxygen, robbing the food of any nutrients before making it go entirely off. If you feed your pet food that has been oxidised, not only will it taste bad (and leave you with something messy to clean up…) but it could cause real harm to your fur baby.

You should store your pet food somewhere dark and cool, and ensure that you are resealing the bag after using each time, so the contents aren’t damaged by exposure to the external environment. If the food doesn’t come in a releasable bag, don’t trust it! (Barking Heads products are always resealable - we’ve got your back.)

Check the guidelines

Make sure that you follow the guidelines of your pet food. Room temperature is generally okay for the storage of both products, but do ensure you’re having a look and checking that the room isn’t too hot or cold.

Also, avoid any damp areas - environments such as this one encourage the growth of mould on your food, even if it isn’t at a point of expiry already. You may end up having to get rid of paw-fectly good food for your pet because of a simple mistake! No one wants a hungry pet.

Proper weights

It can be easy to overfeed or underfeed a pet, but this shouldn’t happen if you’re paying attention to the dietary requirements of your pets!

Here at Barking Heads we provide a weight measurement table on the packaging of all of our products, providing a guide to the recommended amount of food that should be given to your pet dependent on its current weight. We suggest taking this into account together with advice from your vet, who will know what's best for your individual pet.

For example, a smaller pooch will need a lot less feeding than a larger one - too much could strain its stomach. Likewise, larger breeds of dogs require more feeding, but also a monitored amount to ensure that their bodies don’t grow too fast, as this could cause them health problems.

dog and cat eating out of the same bowl

Not only will following recommended amounts of food per day be beneficial for the health of your pet, but it will also ensure that you are not using too much of your current supply at once. In turn this will mean your supply will last longer.

Remember, the expiry date of your pet food is usually only valid once the bag or can has been opened. At Barking Heads, we offer dry food bags in a variety of sizes so that you can buy the appropriate amount for your dog or cat. If you only have one little fella, it might be best to buy multiple smaller bags rather than one larger product.

The same goes for wet food. Canned food should be tightly sealed and reused quickly after opening. For this reason, we sell these in multiple packs rather than using larger tins.

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