It’s a hard life being a feline, which is why you try and make the life of your cat as wonderful as possible! From the moment you bring them home and become a fur parent, your life changes and so does theirs. Understanding the different stages of their life is important so you know that you’re giving them the best of the best.

Cute Kittens (0-2 years)

Up until they are about 2 years old, your feline friend is still classed as a kitten or junior cat. During this stage in the life of your cat, they have a LOT of energy and need lots of attention during the day. Playtime will be the thing that they look forward to most so make sure there is a good amount of it.

Before they turn 6 months old, this will be the best time to introduce them to any other pets or children in your home. While they’re still adjusting to their new life in your home it is also worth getting them used to nail trimming, brushing of their coat and teeth, going in their carrier and being transported.

Prime Time (2-7 years)

After the junior stage, your cat has reached their prime years; they’ve still got a lot of energy and enjoy playtime. However, just because they still seem young and healthy, that doesn’t mean that you skip trips to the vet. Regular appointments are still really important to prevent any illness or disease.

You’ll notice that your cat doesn’t necessarily grow anymore during this stage of their life. As their years go by, their energy levels will also begin to decrease. Giving them a nutritious diet of adult food and encouraging regular exercise and playtime will keep them in good health.

Mature Moggies (7+ years)

Having a mature cat doesn’t necessarily mean less playtime, some felines are still running around like kittens at 10 years old. Their levels of energy will begin to decrease, but it may not be noticeable at first. Regular check ups are really important at this point to prevent diseases that specifically affect older cats.

As they get older, they’re more likely to need a cosy place to snuggle down in so make sure they’ve got a warm spot that they can go to. Giving them a hand to reach their favourite spot can also mean they’re not missing out; perhaps put a stool in front of their go-to perch so it’s not such a big leap for them.

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