Year on year the human race’s dedication to meeting our pets’ every need and spoiling them with new gadgets, gizmos and treats just keeps on growing.

With this in mind, we’ve delved into the biggest pet trends of 2017, to see what’s taking the world of canine and feline fixated humans and their four-legged families by storm so far this year.

Pet apps

cat playing with an ipad

Second only to our love of pets is our love of smartphones, so it’s no surprise that pet-related apps are big right now.

More of us than ever are taking advantage of handy pet-sitting tools like Borrow My Doggy; fitness apps for our pooches are on the rise; there’s the promise of a calmer cat with the likes of Relax My Cat… the list goes on!

Wearable tech

chihuahua dog in the park

GPS trackers, activity monitors, pet cameras - just a few examples of the technology your dog or cat may be wearing soon. And yep, you guessed it, there’s apps to connect with many of the products out there.

Barking mad, or a great way of tackling pet obesity and keeping our beloved fur family safe - it’s a debate you’re sure to hear more about soon!

Four-legged Foodies

cat looking at a cup of coffee

Poured a glass of Pawsecco lately? It’s just one of the creations from Woof & Brew, along with infused water for dogs and herbal teas.  

They’re not the only ones catering to canine tastes; meals for dogs are more frequently becoming available at pubs, and the first dedicated dog bar has opened in London!

Meanwhile cat cafes are popping up across the country, with these often doubling up as feline foster homes.

Owners are becoming more discerning when it comes to what fills their pet’s bowls too, opting for grain-free, high meat containing foods. Our range is paw-fect!

Pet Retreats

two black dogs sitting in a suitcase

Just recently we blogged about taking our pooches on staycation with a handy bucket list. We can safely say the number of accommodation spots with a ‘dogs welcome’ sign will continue to rocket.

And forget the cattery as the only place your cat can go for a getaway; the first luxury cat hotel has opened for kitties who want to be pampered!

Dog yoga

dog stretching in the park

You read that right - yoga for dogs is a thing. They need a way to destress from all that playing, sleeping and eating, right?

Are you following any of the pet trends of 2017? Which do you predict will be sticking round fur-ever and what’s just a fad?! Tweet us @barkingheads or @meowingheads, or head to our Facebook page!


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