Everybody knows parenthood changes your life, but us dog and cat owners know that pet parenthood also has a pretty huge impact.

Your canine and feline companions become so much more than just animals who live in the house; they are a part of your family, and whether you like or not, you find yourself feeling and acting differently as their presence turns you pet-obsessed in no time.  

Keep reading and see if these seven things that happen when you become a fur parent are true for you too…  

1. Pet snaps fill your phone

Once upon a time you took photos of family, friends, scenes of your holidays, and your Insta-worthy meals.

Not anymore. Now your whiskered pal is your only muse, with pictures of them in all manner of adorable poses (sleeping, stretching, playing, doing that cute thing with their ears, etc) filling up the storage space on your phone.

Your Instagram feed and Snapchat story pay homage to your pet’s pawsome existence too, while your Facebook profile picture is a selfie of the two of you.

black Labrador on the beach

2. Your cat or dog’s daily routine = your daily routine

Say buh-bye to those weekend lie-ins and commitment-free evenings. The moment you add a four-legged friend to the family you get a new timetable.

That alarm clock you used to rely on has been replaced by an early morning visit by your pet, with constant meowing or door scratching until you jump out of bed.

Your dogs and cats will never forget a mealtime either. Right on cue every day, they’ll appear at your feet, demanding for their food bowls to be filled. Don’t think they won’t notice if you’re late!  

3. Separation anxiety

You’d heard about dogs who pine for their owner while they are out of the house, but it wasn’t until you became a fur parent that you found out the separation anxiety is just as bad for humans.

Days at work are spent daydreaming about what your pet’s getting up to and how much they miss you, and a dog-friendly staycation now beats a getaway abroad when it comes to where to holiday, hands (and paws) down.

french bulldog having a cuddle

4. Every special occasion involves your pet

Birthdays (yours and theirs). Christmas. Halloween. If it’s good enough for humans to celebrate, it’s good enough for your pet to celebrate.

From a cat-friendly birthday cake, yummy treats, to a Christmas jumper for your pooch, you find a way to make them a part of all the important days on your calendar.

ginger cat wearing a santa hat

5. You have proud pet parent moments

Using their litter tray for the first time, purr-fecting a super cute pose for one of those many photos, playing nicely with a fellow pooch - these moments and so many more fill you with pride, because isn’t your pet the smartest/sweetest/friendliest animal ever?!

6. The head tilt and puppy dog eyes get you every time

Speaking of how sweet your pet is, you know it’s im-paw-sible to resist their well-practised head tilt and butter wouldn’t melt expressions.

scruffy black dog

7. You’ll put your pet’s comfort above your own

Ginger wants to snooze on your laptop? Guess it’s time to take a break from typing. Your dog has decided it’s naptime in that half-packed suitcase? The rest of the packing can wait.

You’ve even been half-tempted to invite the family Boxer Dog up onto the sofa, because is it fair that they miss out on cosiness and stay all the way down there on the floor?

Reassure us that we’re not alone by messaging or tweeting us if these things have happened to you too!



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