Our friends at Rushton Dog Rescue work endlessly to rescue abused and abandoned dogs from all over the world- giving them a new happy, healthy life. The charity has saved over 4,000 dogs and we are in complete awe of the amazing work they do. This December, we will be spreading the festive cheer and donating lots of delicious doggie dinners to the deserving dogs at Rushton (who haven’t had the best start in life). We have chosen a few stories to share with you- caution, you may need some tissues…

Miss Fox

Introducing the loveable Miss Fox. Looking at her beautiful, happy face it is hard to believe she was once terrified for her life and destined to become a victim of the dog meat trade in China.

The trauma Miss Fox had experienced, meant she did not know who to trust and finding a safe haven was unimaginable.

Rushton’s incredible, Cindi and Vicky, came to her rescue and brought her back to the charity’s Freedom Farm. 

Sadly, Miss Fox’s trauma has left her with everlasting injuries, but she is now surrounded by love and cared for in ways she could only have once dreamed of.

Running around the acres of lands at Freedom Farm is one of her favourite things to do, followed by a long cuddle on the sofa with her Mumma!

Elvis & Freddie

Look at these two faces, it's hard to believe what they've been through.

These two best buddies were brought together after experiencing the worst experience imaginable in China. Their injuries were so severe they could not be rehomed with individual families, but they’ve found their sanctuary at Freedom Farm. Freddie and Elvis love spending time together and with the Rushton humans; Vicky and Cindi.

What do these best friends get up to during their days at Rushton? After starting the morning with lots of cuddles and kisses, they like to relax in their private garden under their favourite oak tree. Dinner time is a special time ALWAYS spent together, catching up over who could run the fastest round the farm.

Their bond is unbreakable, a true bromance that has blossomed out of such cruelty and torture. We are so pleased this cheeky twosome are safe and have brought so much happiness into each other’s lives.  

Evan’s story

Meet Evan. Evan is a beautiful, happy beagle. So happy that it is hard to believe the abuse he once suffered. It is truly heart-breaking, and we warn you this is upsetting to read.

While living in China, Evan was a stray with no home, unfortunately he suffered extreme injuries when the people he thought would take care of him threw boiling water over him.

Thankfully, the team at Rushton found Evan and promised him he would always be safe and forever away from harm. And they have kept their promise ever since.

Evan finally found his much longed for home when he arrived at Freedom Farm with his Rushton family. When he runs around the fields and rolling hills his eyes light up with happiness.


Zoe and Cindi from Rushton rescued Snow from China where she was taking refuge outside a shop after being tormented by people who threw stones at her.

Snow instantly took to Zoe and Cindi and found comfort and sanctuary at Freedom Farm. The stress has haunted Snow so much she doesn’t feel comfortable around many people apart from her Rushton family.

Snow LOVES to play, cuddle and kiss her new human friends. She couldn’t be happier to have found her forever home.