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Have you ever had the same meal for an entire week? A month? A year? What if you had to eat the exact same meal for your whole life? Yikes! This is essentially what most of us do to our dogs — we choose a product and stick with it. No wonder our four-legged friends jump at any food we accidentally drop on the floor!

And while keeping your dog on a consistent diet is not unhealthy, rotational feeding is a simple way to give your dog a range of different flavours, textures, and smalls to ensure a more balanced and varied diet. It's also a great way to keep dinner time interesting and exciting. 


What is Rotational Feeding?

Rotational feeding is all about variety, such as varying the types of proteins fed (like chicken, beef, lamb, etc.) and food forms (wet and dry). This lets your dog experience and enjoy a range of different textures and flavours as part of their meals and allows you to vary their diet on a daily or weekly basis. 

At Barking Heads, we have a great selection of wet and dry foods for your dog to enjoy. What dog wouldn't like to sample our super tasty and nutritious range? We've got chicken, salmon, duck, beef...the list goes on! 

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What are the Benefits?

  • Variety will ensure a more complete and balanced diet for your dog
  • Rotational feeding may help to make your dog less of a fussy eater.
  • It can reduce risk of food allergies and intolerances in later life, especially if you start rotational feeding when your dog is young.
  • Rotational feeding creates excitement and keeps interest in mealtimes
  • It can also help to increase your dog’s water intake, by offering a wet foods to those that just feed dried kibble.


When Should I Start My Pet on Rotational Feeding?

It’s much easier to start rotational feeding while he or she is still a puppy (assuming they are already eating solid food), but that’s not to say an older dog can’t benefit from rotation feeding too. It just may take a little bit more patience.

As always, we encourage owners to consult a vet or a vet nutritionist before you start rotational feeding. They can really help you in choosing which foods are best to give your dog a complete and balanced diet and make sure you are doing things properly. 


Mix & match

Dry food or wet food? Some of us only buy one or the other for our dogs, well how about feeding both?! A great way to add some interest to your doggie's dinner is to add wet food as either a topper to dry, or just mix them together. This way your dog can enjoy the scrummy crunch of the kibble alongside a scoop of succulent wet food (which can also help to increase your dog’s water intake!). 

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Unsure of what food to feed your large breed puppy? Read our blog by Vet Dr Scott Miller and Barking heads on why large breed puppies require different food!


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