black Labrador puppy in a Christmas jumper

Christmas is a time for family - and that means those with fur as well as the human members.

If a new doggy has recently joined your pack, then there is an extra excuse to make it a special one.

We have listed some of our favourite ways to make your puppy’s first Christmas memorable, from the morning excitement to evening snooze time. We’ll be following these with Boo the black lab, and hope you’ll do the same!

Morning - Stockings

Is there a more magical feeling than waking up on Christmas morning?

Yep, waking up on Christmas morning and having your new puppy there to celebrate too.

We know some families like to save the excitement of presents for later in the day, but we just can’t resist gathering everyone together and opening them first thing. When hanging out stockings on Christmas Eve, make sure there is one with Fido’s name on, so he can join in.

Fill their stocking with treats and toys they can’t get enough of, as well as essentials they may need - dental chew sticks or a new collar perhaps. We’re sure a few tins of Barking Heads would get their tail wagging too.

You needn’t worry about spending too much. Boo is just as amused by an old shoe as a fancy new toy!


Lunchtime - Christmas Dinner

Speaking of food, your new puppy will want a delicious dinner just like you on Christmas Day. However, that mountain of roasties, stuffing and cranberry sauce on your plate isn’t any good for your pup. It would likely make them feel extremely poorly.  

barking heads puppy food range

Instead, treat them to Puppy Days, our food designed especially for your youngest four-legged friend. The nutritious combination of chicken, salmon, trout, brown rice, and other goodies is gentle on their sensitive tummies and easy to digest. Plus it tastes so good, any pooch would be happy with a bowlful on Christmas Day.

Afternoon - Christmas Walkies

dog wearing a santa hat outside

By this point in the day, you’ve probably already taken the dogs out for a quick stroll. But now it’s time for the whole family to burn off that Christmas food and enjoy some fresh air, and for your puppy to work off some of that festive excitement and energy.

Maybe you’ll want to go to a special spot, away from your usual routes, where your hound loves to roam.

Fingers crossed for crisp, frosty weather. Wouldn’t it be magical if your puppy’s first Christmas featured a slight sprinkling of snow too?

Evening - Naptime

Up until the 6 months mark, your puppy may sleep for as many as 20 hours a day. The almost constant napping is essential for healthy growth.

After so much fun and socialising in one day, you can bet that your littlest fur baby is going to be struggling to keep those puppy dog eyes open, so make sure they get some alone time to snooze.

No doubt your pooch won’t be the only one resting their eyes by this point in the day; a few people you’re celebrating with will have nodded off in front of some Christmas TV too!

dog with Christmas lights on head

Of course, every family has their own traditions when it comes to Christmas. How does your dog fit into the ones you follow in your home? Maybe they always don a Christmas jumper for dinnertime, just like the rest of you, or you take a festive family photo together every year?