Father’s day is just around the corner. On Sunday the 16th of June, dads everywhere will get to kick back, relax and enjoy being pampered by their spouses and kids in recognition of all their efforts in making a happy home. Dads are providers and protectors.

They work hard, they play hard and they love boundlessly. Still, not all great dads deal in two-legged progeny. What about all those fur baby daddies out there? Don’t they deserve some love too?

If you have someone special in your life like a boyfriend, husband, parent or even a roommate who’s a devoted doggy daddy you might just feel that they deserve a little recognition on this auspicious day for their hard work and loving care.

Sure, being a dog dad is its own reward. Coming home from work to be pounced upon by your furry companion is a pleasure that all dog owners know and look forward to.

Being able to look into those shiny brown eyes and feeling adored and appreciated is one of the many perks of being a dog dad. Still, when your significant other shows such devotion and responsibility to their barking babies we think it’s only right that you should take some steps to celebrate him.

And hey, if this means coming together to spend a little quality time with the four-legged family, so much the better.

Here are some great ways to celebrate the proud dog dad in your life…

Convert their favourite pet snaps into a photo album

dog snap

If your dog dad’s social media feeds are aflood with images of themselves enjoying quality time with their pampered pooches, how about providing them with a special gift to celebrate that special relationship.

Go through their social feeds and any camera rolls you might have which showcase your dog dad and their special friend together. Gather up some of their favourite dog shots and silly selfies and order them into a magazine style photo album. It’s one thing scrolling through images on a smartphone screen.

It’s another being able to take the time to leaf through a glossy, professional-looking photo album. They (and you) will enjoy looking at these special images and celebrating the age-old relationship between a man and his dog.

Help him out by giving him a bulk bundle of dog food

bulk dog food

All dog dads live for the unadulterated joy and excitement that their canine companions show when it’s time for their dinner. However, keeping your dog well fed can be a challenge even to financially flush dog dads (especially those who own larger breeds).

Many dog dads buy their wet and dry food in bulk to make long term savings but even the best-prepared dog lover can benefit from a helping hand when it comes to feeding their furry friends. A bulk bundle of wet and / or dry dog food can make for a thoughtful gift that leaves him with a little more in the bank to spend on himself.

Make his life easier by treating him to an automated feeder

automated feeder

Dog dads are a diligent bunch. They like to ensure that their pets know exactly when to expect to be fed. However, if you’d like to afford him the peace of mind that comes with knowing that his dog’s getting fed on time combined with the convenience of not having to get out of his comfy armchair to do it… Maybe an automated feeder would be the perfect gift for the dog dad in your life and his canine charge?

Digital automated feeders not only help make it easier to manage mealtimes (and prevent Fido from going hungry if dad has to work overtime) but also help them to master portion control.

As much as we all love to spoil our pets, portion control is important in helping them to maintain a healthy weight and peak nutrition. Automated feeders allow your beloved dog dad the ability to dole out the perfect portion every time.

Help them to wear their love for their furry friend on their sleeve

dog shirt

Ah, the miracles of modern printing. If you’re looking for a way to immortalise an image of your dog dad with their dearly befuzzed pet, you now have more options than ever before.

You can transpose their dog’s fluffy visage onto t-shirts and jumpers to allow them to wear their love for their dog (quite literally) on their sleeve. Or, if you’d rather give them a constant reminder of their fuzzy friend in their home, you can get their image lovingly rendered onto anything from throw cushions to wall art canvases.

Teach them a dog training app

Training app

All dog dads love their canine charges, but not all have the best of luck when training them. It can be frustrating when you see them struggle day after day to muster the patience to impart even as basic a command as “sit” to their dog.

If the dog dad in your life is something of a technophile, they may benefit from being gifted a dog training app. Dogo is a good one! It helps you with the teaching of various tricks while also helping you to log your dog’s progress and it even has its own built-in clicker so your dog dad doesn’t have to fork out for one.

Take them for a short break somewhere dog friendly

dog friendly place

Finally, perhaps the ultimate way to celebrate the dog dad in your life (and their dog) is to take them both away on a pet-friendly break. All dog dads feel a pang of regret when they have to kennel their dogs, even when they know that they’ll be wonderfully well cared for.

Fortunately, there are no shortage of dog friendly hotels, guest houses and B and Bs all over the country to allow the three of you to enjoy a perfect getaway.

One thing’s for sure, if you consider any of the above as a gift for the dog dad in your life… You certainly won’t be left in the dog house!


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