Did you share your experiences in our recent puppy survey? We called on dog owners to tell us all about preparing for a new puppy, from picking a name to how much they spent on their pup.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer our questions, we’ve uncovered some pawsome facts - some of which are featured here and some of which we’ll be turning into future posts to help the puppy owners of tomorrow. Make sure you’re following us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter to see them first.

How long did you spend looking for the right puppy?

A lot of research and preparation often goes into bringing a new puppy into the family. Some people spent over a year finding the right dog for them, while most owners said it took between 1 and 3 months to find their paw-fect canine match.

barking heads survey results infographic

What were the most important considerations when deciding which breed was right for you?

It’s no surprise that size and exercise needs topped the list of deciding factors when it came to picking a breed. These will always have an impact on the kind of care your pooch requires.

Other common considerations that were listed included compatibility with pets already in the family, temperament, working ability and intelligence. Lots of owners said they picked rescue dogs who they felt a special connection with.

barking heads survey results infographics

Where did you find information about what to feed your new puppy?

We also found out that many owners relied on their own knowledge from years of looking after dogs or training in animal nutrition, pet shops, and the shelter or breeder where they picked up their puppy when it came to feeding advice.

barking heads survey results infographics

Did you puppy proof your home?

A huge number of people made additions or changes to their home in preparation for bringing home their new puppy, the most common being stair gates.

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Approximately how much did you spend preparing for your new puppy?

Training, treats, stair gates, toys, food, brushes, beds - you can easily spend more on your puppy than you plan to! The majority of you spent up to £500, but a handful of owners crossed the £2000 mark.

barking heads survey results infographics

Do our results reflect your experience? We’d love to know your thoughts - get in touch! And don’t forget to look out for more puppy-related posts from us.