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Is it safe to take your dog on holiday?

Many dogs can struggle when it comes to new routines though, with travel, different experiences and unfamiliar surroundings all posing a challenge, and hardly making for a relaxing getaway for us owners.

Throw in an increased risk of dehydration and unfamiliar territory - both dangers to our furry pals when visiting somewhere new - and the idea of taking your hound on holiday stops sounding as fun as you first thought...

But don’t unpack Lucky’s suitcase just yet - our tips for a successful getaway with your four-legged friends are here to help your pooch stay happy and healthy on your next staycation, minimising discomfort and maximising relaxation for dogs and owners alike.

Make your dog-friendly holiday run smoothly

1. Fix up Fido with a collar that has a ‘holiday’ identity tag with your name, holiday address and contact details, so if they get lost you can be reunited as quickly as possible.

happy dog outside on a walk

2. An empty stomach before the ride is a must! Most dogs don’t get carsick when their stomachs are empty, so it’s ideal not to give your furry companion any food approximately 6-8 hours beforehand. Pack some food and snacks for when you arrive and in case of delays.

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3. Don’t forget your dog needs fresh water if you’re at the beach – drinking seawater is likely to make your dog ill.

dog shaking off water on the beach

4. A tangle-free coat will protect your pet’s delicate skin and keep them cool, so if your pooch is a sun-worshipper and you’re lucky enough to see some British sunshine a good brush is essential.

Some dogs may need their coats trimming too – seek advice from a professional groomer, and maybe treat them to a brand new ‘do for the holiday.

brown dog lying on decking

5. If the weather is warm, put ice cubes in your pet's water and keep it out of sunny spots.

spaniel running through a river

6. Take your pooch’s usual food with them, that way you know it’s familiar and agrees with your pet, meaning no adverse reactions.

Plus, what you feed your pet has a direct impact upon behaviour, at home or away. Our range of products are all natural, high meat, and low grain to keep your dog happy all holiday long!

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Have you taken your dog on a staycation? What advice would you give to fellow owners looking to include their hound in holiday plans? Share it over on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page.

We hope our top tips help make your next holiday together paws-itively brilliant!


Sometimes staycations can be a little chilly! Read our blog by Vet Dr Scott Miller and Barking Heads on top tips for cold weather.


*The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian or other qualified pet health provider with any questions you may have regarding your pet’s health*