We love how unique pet personalities can be and how they can match so perfectly with their owner. There are some personalities that keep cropping up time and time again, which can be funny to see. We have picked our top 7 to share with you; let us know if you have one of these charismatic characters in your home too!


The Grumpy Grandad

bulldog sniffing a baby

This personality is firm but fair and still just as loving in their own special way. They may let you give them a rub of the tummy but won’t be shy to tell you when it’s time to pipe down. They’ll show their affection when others aren’t around to keep up their tough exterior but you know they love you no matter what.


The Secret Softy

man kissing a kitten

This is definitely one for the cat owners out there! You’ll try to give them a little head rub and they’ll do every maneuver possible to avoid your touch, or you’ll go for a cuddle and you’ll find your arms looking like you’ve gone 12 rounds with Wolverine. However, when they want a bit of loving you’re their first point of call; they’ll come rub up against your leg or you’ll find them curled up next to you having a cat nap. 


The Over-affectionate Kisser

scruffy dog licking owner

If you’re met with slobbery kisses every time you walk into a room then this may be the personality of your pet. No matter who you welcome into your home, they’d better be prepared for a lot of loving from your companion - there’s no such thing as personal boundaries when it comes to showing you their affection.


The Poser

cat sniffing camera

You’ve got a poser pet if your Instagram feed is simply full of pictures of them. No matter what angle you capture, they’re always photogenic and can strike a pose on demand.


The Bodyguard

fluffy guard dog smiling

This cherub is there to protect you and your home. They like to think they look tough and you know they’ll defend you to the ends of the earth and back again! It may be that your protector has lots of energy, which can be tiring for you, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.


The Popular Kid

two cats with heart sunglasses

Everyone has something they love about this pet and your friends may use you as an excuse to come round and see them! They’re the main focus point of any party and no one can ignore them because they’re just so cool. It may seem like they’re above it all at times but secretly they love all the attention they are getting.


Faithful Friend

golden retriever puppy lying down in garden

The last of our pet personalities is quite possibly our favourite; the bestest friend you’ll ever have! They’re by your side through thick and thin, share laughs with you and comfort you on your bad days. Although they may be only in your life for a fraction of it, you’re everything in theirs and they’ll show you how much you mean to them with unconditional love.

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