Cats are fantastic creatures; we know that you know that, everyone knows that. But they don’t half have some strange traits! If you’re used to their canine counterparts and see yourself as more of a “dog person”, then cats’ social skills can come across as rather confusing. However, when push comes to shove, it’s the headbutting, love of dangly things and constant chit-chat that makes us fall in love with them so. And once you’re finally suckered in, there’s no going back - once a cat person, always a cat person. So this one’s for the cat-owners out there - nine traits that only cat-lovers will know...

You take a picture of them whenever they do something slightly strange

When Felix takes a sip from a glass like a real life human bean, sits in your sports bag or watches the TV, you can’t help but get your camera out and take a snap!

You never call them by their proper name

Because calling Smokey by her real name gets boring after a while, doesn’t it? Step forward Smuks, Smokehontas, Smokemon, Sminky Pinky Tiddly Winky et al.

You feel betrayed if they choose to sit on someone else's lap over yours

They’re your pet after all. You feed them, look after them, change their litter tray... it’s just downright disloyal!

You let them into the bathroom with you - otherwise, they'll just scratch the door down

You just can’t take a bubble bath in peace anymore, can you?

 You say "bless you" when they sneeze

Poor old Oscar, sneezing away. You just can’t help but “bless” him after each little sniffle - and it gets higher pitched with every sneeze!

You choose to stay in with them rather than go out and socialise

Why would you go out and spend money on a hangover when you can stay in and watch David Attenborough with Puss, becoming more and more engrossed in those wild animals with every passing second.

You can have a cat or plants - not both

“Yeah, this lovely plant you’ve taken an age pruning and perfecting? Don’t count on it being there when you get home later.”

You no longer have a cat when the hoover is out

Yup, once Henry is out of the cupboard under the stairs, there’s no sign of a cat within a mile.

And, finally, you always answer their random meows with the same answer

“Yes, I know”.


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