Making it Through your Dog’s Teenage Years

Christmas present with puppy inside

It happens to the best of us, you’re enjoying your new life as a fur parent and before you know it you’re into your dog’s teenage years! For small dogs this begins at around 6 months of age and larger breeds around 9-12, generally lasting until they’re about 2. This time of their life can be tricky to handle if you’re not prepared for it.

Luckily, we’re on hand to help you through it and give you some tips to make the transition as easy as possible for you and your pooch!


Positivity, Patience & Perseverance

Throughout your dog’s teenage years, they’re going to go through changes and need your support. Some owners find that all the training they’ve done so far can start to revert back but perseverance is the key. Take a deep breath, with some love and attention they’ll be back on track with training in no time and maturing into your life long friend.

Remember, you’re their whole life so make it as upbeat and happy as possible. Encouragement will go a long way to making them more comfortable with the new changes going on in their life. The main thing to take away from this point is to just have fun with your four-legged friend.


Keep Active

corgi doing a leg lift workout

We all know how important regular exercise is for our canine companions and it doesn’t change during your dog’s teenage years. Adolescent pups will have a lot of excess energy that they need to burn off so plenty of exercise will benefit the both of you.

There’s no need for it to be a standard walk either. Fun and engaging games, like catch, will get their hearts racing with excitement and help release some energy. Play time with your pup is not only brilliant for their health, but is a wonderful way for the two of you to bond.

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The Right Food

pug eating kibble

They may be used to a certain type of food by now, but keeping an eye on their diet during your dog’s teenage years is essential. If they’re still bursting with energy after plenty of exercise and play, then it may be time to switch it up slightly. Moving from one type of meat to another can be very beneficial to help cool their enthusiastic side.

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