Your wedding day is a time for the whole family to come together, and many of us are extending the invites out to our fur family members too.

Depending on your pet’s temperament and personality, and the rules of the venue you’ve chosen, there are lots of ways to include your dog in your wedding day. Here we have compiled a handful of them, to help you make it a truly un-fur-gettable day!

Get ready with your pooches

You probably start most days by spending some time with your hounds - why not do the same on your wedding day?

Getting ready is one of the most exciting and nerve wracking parts of the day; having your best fur pals there may be a great way to keep you calm.

If they’re also going to join you at the actual wedding, then make sure you help them get suited and booted in an outfit for the day, even if it’s as simple as a cute bow tie or flowers in their collar. Of course, always take care that it’s comfortable for them.

This is also the paw-fect time to have photos together. Ann Potter made sure she got some snaps with the adorable Lilly and Jack before she headed off to get hitched.

a bride holding two dogs

Give your dog a role in the ceremony

If you can handle your dog stealing some of the attention on your wedding day, as guests will definitely be commenting on how cute it is that they’re playing a part, get them involved in the ceremony.

They could be a ring bearer, flower girl, or even honorary best man. Dobby the Yorkie loved having the duty of ring bearer at Sophie Douglas’ daughter’s wedding. She told us that he was a superstar on the day: “He was fab, waiting nicely and coming when the registrar called. He wore the rings in a pouch all day, had free rein of the venue and photobombed most of the pictures!”

Definitely the cutest ring bearer we’ve ever seen!

yorkie dog wearing a tie

Even if all your wedding entourage roles are filled by your human friends and family, simply having your pooch walk down the aisle with someone in the wedding party is special enough.  

Have them there to greet the new bride and groom

Not every ceremony or venue will be suitable for a dog. One way you can still include your fur family in the day is by having them greet you in the guard of honour that usually follows the ceremony.

That’s what Jaycee Vaughan’s family arranged, as an extra special surprise to greet her and her new husband. We just love the colour co-ordinated collars!

wedding dag with dog guests

Since they are normally taken outside, your dog could also feature in your group wedding photos. What family portrait would be complete without them, after all?!

What about dogs who can’t attend the wedding?

Think the excitement of your big day will be too much for your pup, or that they would be happier at home rather than at a crowded wedding venue? There are still ways to include them in the celebrations.

Lots of couples choose to have photo boards at their reception, showcasing pictures of the family. Add in a handful of snaps of your dog, so everyone can see how important they are to you.

If you don’t mind breaking the tradition of only having the bride and groom on top of the wedding cake, ask your cake decorator to whip up a mini Fido too.

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