We don’t quite know how it’s happened, but Halloween is approaching fast, and most of us are already thinking about what killer costume we could use to scare the neighbours this year.

This spooky night of mayhem is, after all, one of the best holidays for getting stuck in and having fun. What’s more, recent years have seen it becoming a family affair. 

Of course, our four-legged friends are as much a part of the family as anyone. As well as sorting your costume and one for the kids, then, you might want to think about a Halloween costume for your dog this year. Whether you take your pooch trick or treatin’ or just want them in the Halloween family photo, this is a sure way to come together at this critical time of year. 

Of course, your canine companion can’t enjoy those trick or treat goodies, so you’re going to need to think about rewarding their efforts some other way if you do take them out and about on the night. Luckily, we’ve got 10% off bundles right now to ensure Halloween for dogs is just as treat-filled as it is for humans.

Once you have the best dog foods in the cupboard, though, it’s time to think about the following costumes that could see your dog hounding the neighbours this Halloween.

A dog-owner combo

Dog-owner costume

Nothing says Happy Halloween like a joint costume with your dog. Seriously. What better way to celebrate with your best pal than to partner up with them? This simple step could see you standing out from the crowd, and even winning best costume if you play your cards right. Even better, there are a whole host of doggy-owner Halloween combos to get stuck into. 

Why not make this a family affair by embarking on a Scooby-Doo theme this year? With a few spots in the right places and that iconic collar, your pooch could play this part perfectly. Then, you’d all be able to suit your outfits to the purpose. Even those darn kids won’t scupper this plan!

Or, you and your pup could solo it by going as Dorothy and Toto. How about the Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood? You could even invest in a bowtie and doggy pocket watch replica to pair up as Alice and the White Rabbit. There are endless ideas out there, and any of them could see you with the best outfit at the party.

King of the jungle

Dog as Lion

You might think that turning your dog into a lion is unoriginal, but trust us when we say that there’s a reason this has been done so many times. There’s nothing quite as frightening as the appearance of a lion at someone’s doorstep. Even better, this is an easy outfit to get right with minimal effort.

Forget elaborate costumes and going all out with over-the-top efforts. As long as your dog is beige, you can get away with just investing in a dog-safe lion’s mane and being done with it. You can bet this will be the quickest outfit to put together in your whole household, yet it’s guranteed to get people quaking in their boots. You could even turn this into one of those owner-dog combos by dressing up as a safari keeper yourself. Or, why not go all out gruesome by dressing up as a victim of that fearsome lion?

Turning to teddies

Dog as teddy bear

If your dog is a bit too cute to pull off the lion gig, why not turn to something a little sweeter? No one said Halloween had to be scary, after all, and there are plenty of people who dress up as rabbits and other harmless creatures. So, what’s to say your dog can’t get away with being an adorable teddy this October?

This is unbelievably simple to pull off with most dog breeds. Merely slipping a large TY tag around your dog’s neck could be incredibly effective here. Or, you might want to include a cute bow tie and a homemade badge to get the image across.

Either way, teddies always go down well. The cuteness of your pooch could even work to offset the horror of your costumes in the name of making you seem even scarier!


Inspiration from the stars

dog scream

Us humans love a horror costume based on famous spooky figures. You know the ones; the scream mask from Scary Movie, Jason from Halloween. These are all effective because they’re recognisable. So, why not take the same tack for getting your dog’s costume just right? 

As we already mentioned, dressing your dog up as the Big Bad Wolf could be a fantastic idea. Why not dress them like Damien’s protector dog in The Omen? You could even take your inspo from Dracula’s Dog.

Either way, these efforts are sure to send shivers down people’s spines, especially if there’s an obvious spooky link to make. Even better, you just need to look up snaps of the dogs in question to get this right.

Use what you’ve got

dog mummy

Sometimes, simple Halloween costumes are the most effective. With that in mind, you don’t need to go all out with extravagant outfits that cost you the earth. By using what you’ve got and enhancing it, you can get your dog’s costume just right without spending too much money

Depending on your dog’s breed, for example, you might be able to fit your costume around a famous combo without even having to bother your pooch. Or, if your dog has spots, you could invest in dog-safe markers to turn them into spiders. These are easy yet efficient ways to bring your dog in on Halloween fun, and you can bet your four-legged friend will appreciate them much more than a full-on costume. 


A final word

Even if you’ve never done it before, bringing your four-legged friend along for Halloween can be a whole lot of fun. All you need to do is find the pawfect outfit for the furriest member of your family!


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